Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Still feeling under the weather..

Despite feeling under the weather, I went out yesterday. We went to global village and played on all the rides, almost all, we didn’t play on the kids rides ;) We even went on the rides that the guys were afraid to go on ;) it was really fun but by the time we were on our way home I was feeling as sick as a dog.. so I just took my meds and went to sleep as soon as we got home.

I got up early today to study for my maths final tomorrow. Its really easy and the stuff that’s in the final is fun (probabilities, hypothesis testing..etc, fun stuff). My education final is the day after tomorrow, but our professor said we could take it tomorrow with the other section if we want to.. I don’t know when to take it..

2008 is finally upon us! I don’t know why people make a big deal of the new year.. so what?! Its just a change in the date, merely that, nothing more.. I guess people across the world are now making their new year’s resolutions, to do things they’ve been putting off for years, and I bet you they will put them off this year too, and when 2009 comes only a few will NOT be repeating the same new year’s resolutions.. am I one of those people who keep procrastinating only to find out that year after year I still make the same resolutions? YES definitely LOL maybe this year will be different, who knows?!

Talk about irony! Ever since my doc told me that my vitamin D levels are really low and that I need to sit out in the sun for at least 20 minutes everyday, its been cloudy and cold! She was like, your country is so nice and sunny, you have to take advantage of that.. and every time I decide ok, im going to go and do my 20 mins of sunbathing, theres no sun out! Irony im telling you..

I know my posts are so boring, LOL, but they help me keep track of whats going on in my life.. so you just have to put up with them!

Yesterday, my brother whose going to Japan with me, was like, they better have burgers in Japan coz im not eating raw fish everyday! 0_0 talk about stereotypes LOL I wonder if he really wont try their food, coz he does go to Japanese restaurants here.. oh well, we’ll see.. I told him im giving him a list with how to say please, thank you, and all that in Japanese. I told him im not taking a rude guy along with me.. lol.. he likes learning languages anyways so hes like, yeah sure..

Marie-sensei wants to see me before I leave, but I really don’t have much time.. its only 10 days and I’ve got finals, but im thinking of inviting her over this weekend, one day without studying shouldn’t do much harm, right?!

My nana is so funny with her money (that rhymes lol). Yesterday my sis wanted to buy a drink or something and my nana was trying to give her money, gave her a 500 bill LOL. And then when we wanted to go on the rides, she was trying to give us a 20 bill LOL.. poor nana, I’ll probably be like that in Japan.. I have to study their money LOL

I guess that’s it for now.. my books are waiting..I better get cracking..

Bye for now :)


Bash said...

loooool @ the stereotype part ..

"rides that even guys were afraid to go on !!" by Ima-chan

"We didn't play on the kids rides !!" by Ima-chan


I'm gonna kill you ,, it's like your making fun of me =P ,,

I was afraid to try most of the rides


I loved the rides that were defined as kid rides in your dictionary =P ,,

anyways ,, I can't believe you'll leave us in 10 days..

That's great ,, I will miss you so much..

loooooool ,, I agree with you on the new year's thing but hope it will be a great year for you.

FeFe said...

hi there...it seems that you had fun at the global village ne but i think you paid the price for playing on the rides there..you GOT SICK!!!

i totally agree about the new year thing, i was thinking the same yesterday..wt so special about it really unless you think about things you wanna change or do in the next year then it make sense but not the whole celebration thing..

whenever there is a sunny, you should go n spend your 20 min out..take care of ur health dear..vitamin D is so important i dont have to remind you i guess..take you iPod or wtever so that you dont feel bored

looking forward for you coming posts, especially when you are in Japan..Your posts are never boring..at least for me..


FeFe said...
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Ima-chan said...

Thanks for the comments ;)
7 more days to go! YAY! i really hope i get time to update while in Japan, but i have a feeling that i will have to FORCE myself.. lol..