Saturday, 26 January 2008


I should’ve written before, I’ve forgotten all that happened.. but my last days in Japan, I just wanted to enjoy every minute.

On day 11, I think, we went to Tokyo station to meet fefechan and her brother.. I wore my longest top/dress LOL coz I didn’t want her brother to see me in my trousers, and I looked so stupid with my coat shorter than the dress LOL.. oh well, never mind..

My bro had a fight with me while we were waiting, he wanted me to sit down (god knows why) and I wanted to walk around the platform coz I was tired of sitting.. anyways, he almost made me cry.. horrible boy..

Then fefechan arrived and we took the train to Disneyland.. it was nice to finally go to Disneyland although im 21 years old LOL we really had fun playing on all the rides.. and comparing anything there to what it would be like here.. LOL.. it was really fun and cold..

After that we left together (their bro and mine left 5 hours before us or something), and we almost missed our stop.. we saw everyone get off but we didn’t think we reached Tokyo station so fast so we remained seated.. until i noticed where we were LOL and we hurried out of the train.. then I left the girls and continued on another train to get to the hotel, being such a nice sister ;) I bought my bro dinner on the way.. Then I guess I watched TV, cant remember..

Day 12, it snowed in Tokyo! After I’d taken a 9 hour trip to see snow, 2 days later it snowed in Tokyo! (im glad I got to use my new umbrella LOL) We went to Harajuku again, kiddyland and oriental bazaar again! And I went in a couple of nice shops there.. I found this accessories place called Accessory Square Louis Novelle Club which has really nice stuff and I spent a fortune there.. Then we went to shibuya again to Friday’s and had lunch there.. Then we went to Akihabara for the 5th time maybe LOL and my bro got stuff for his car.. then I stopped at the hotel’s conbini and bought loads of sweets to bring back home..

Day 13, we left for the airport..


I gave everyone their presents.. and put all the others in bags to give them to people.. going to show everyone photos next.. it seems so weird to be home.. and I really wish I was back in Japan.. its nice to be home but Japan is kjust so cool.. hopefully, next year I’ll go again.. I’ll be working by then (hopefully) so need to ask for money, just a travel companion LOL..

That’s all for now.. hope fefechan’s enjoying her last day in Japan..


EDIT: i wrote this yesterday

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FeFe said...

Hey ima: sry for the late comment:(

first: i was really happy that we went out together in Japan..we wished that we could meet in Japan and it came true el7emdilla =)

you didnt look stupid with you coat being shorter than the dress LOL who cares really..nobody notices there in Japan..they dont know their culture..

as for the stop thing: i think we will never forget it LOL if you havent noticed, we would definately missed our stop..

the snow was great and i was happy that your trip there concluded with a snowy day but felt sorry for the 9 hour trip you took i guess 2 days before..

and hopefully, you will go again =)