Thursday, 3 January 2008

I love the beach.. and babies :)

Konnichiwa minna!

Whats up? *the sky* (as my little brother keeps reminding me)

We went to the beach yesterday after my exam.. its at this place called lulu island and you have to go by boat. We went with my mum’s friend A and her kids, and mum, and we took nana too.. Its nice, such a beautiful beach but full of naked people. It wasn’t really full coz not many people know about it, but all the people that were there looked like tourists and we saw some unsightly sights LOL. Theres a bus that takes you around the island, so we went to the back, not the beach facing the corniche, and it was almost empty so we had fun.. can’t wait to go back again!

I’m not sick anymore, well for the most part, LOL. I’m still coughing and all but at least I don’t feel like throwing up *God, I hate being sick* so thank god!

My sis M and her kids are coming over tomorrow, and mum’s friend A and her kids, and marie-sensei and her two little angels.. going to be a busy day,,, babysitting! Bash, your welcome to come if you want!

I have an exam in 3 hours, but its an essay writing thing so I cant really study for it.. that’s why im updating.. my last exam is on Monday! YAY! Fefechan, your last final is on Sunday yeah? Tell me what time your exam is, I want to try to meet you after or something (need to give you your mag back too)..

Just found out, my mum’s best friend’s daughter is going to New Zealand for 2 weeks and shes going bungee jumping and paragliding! I’m so envious, that even beats Japan! Actually, I was looking for places to paraglide or bungee jump in Japan, but coz its winter there aren’t any places (only in summer).. too bad..

Random mention:

There are many little differences between the way Americans and English people talk. There are BIG differences too but I want to mention one of those little ones that probably not many people notice, which is, *drum roll* Americans tend to say “right?” to ask for agreement, while English people tend to say “yeah?”. LOL not something your interested in, I’m sure, but its one that I ALWAYS notice when were with Americans.. anyways..

Haven’t seem my dad in 3 weeks.. when are you coming back dad?! Hes been in Syria for 3 weeks now, working on some new project.. We want you back *not for money, I promise ;) *

Talking about money, I’ve spent a fortune buying stuff for Japan, and completely forgot about my bro, hes didn’t even buy a coat yet LOL .. he doesn’t like shopping for clothes, I think I better go with him..

I’m going to pick up our rail passes today. The guy at the travel gents is Japanese and speaks funny English, I couldn’t understand a word when I talked to him on the phone so I told him to email me instead, his written English is just as bad lol but at least I know what he means.. what will I do in Japan then! My little bit of broken Japanese, and their little bit of broken English.. I don’t think it will go very far! Wish me luck, at least I know how to say HELP in Japanese.. lol

Wish me luck in my exam, stay genki!


My sis took this photo so i decided to include it ;) im such a nice sis aren't i? LOLOne chubby baby playing alone in the sand.. noone wanted her near them coz she was crushing all the sandcastles.. poor baby..


Bash said...

loool ,, I didn't know that =3
*talking about the right & yeah part*

American and British English. I mix them up all the time cuz I studied British all my life but watched American TV all the time lol. I had a British Microsoft Word (actually it was American but had to change it). It was helpful when I wanted to check my Essays since I tend to mix them up all the time.

Color Colour Favorite Favourite

lol I think it should be the other way around =P. I mean Yeah is less formal so should be the American way.I don't know if I'm making any since. I'm so sleepy and have a bad headache. *still at work -_-*

Glad you enjoyed yourself there, I love the beach xD .

Talking about the Japanese agent, I had to arrange for a meeting with people from the Japanese Embassy. It was so hard to understand him. He started talking in our formal language but I didn't understand him so I asked him if he knew English. It was even worse but didn't want to ask him to switch back again lol.I asked him to send an email. It wasn't perfect but easier to understand like you said.

Thanks, I'll send you a msg If I decided to come =]

I miss my dad too , he went to Morocco by the beginning of exams and isn't coming back for another month.

Nice pics btw..

Ima-chan said...

thanks for the comment bash.. hope u come ;)

Bash said...

That's it -_- ,,
I will write a one line comment next time =P

The problem is I know I will be ignored by you since there are going to be babies lol ..

I'll talk 2 memo about it , then I'll let you know

Ima-chan said...

lol why will u write a one line comment?!

even if memo won't come, you come!

FeFe said...

Hi Love..glad you are genki now..thanks God i was worrid!!

the beach is a nice healing place that you never get sick of ne but i dont like naked part of it LOL anyhow..its the sea that we enjoy looking at =)

well..on Sunday..i have an exam from 1-3 and then i have 30 min break before my next exam ( actually its a presentation not exam)..i think i can meet you at this time if not then i could come in the morning for you..or even on Monday since i have a day off..i would like to see you before you go to Japan..i am afraid you'll get to see me teary!! dont worry ill try to hold myself..dont wanna people i love see me weak hehe

i Hope your enjoy ur time today with marie sensei and all the visitors that are coming to ur house..i hope you get to see your father asap inshallah

nice pix btw and such a cute little girl =)i luv kids and luv the sea

take care dear..ill try to update today too, inshallah

Ima-chan said...

Hey sweetie..

maybe you should be practicing your presentations in those 30 mins?! plus you'll have just come out of an exam.. and you wont be able to rest from all my blabbering lol.. i can come anyday/anytime, except monday from 10:30-11:30.. let me know whats the best time for you, and dont worry im always near by (hanging out with my baby who lives right next to the uni) so i dont mind anytime :)

yeah i dont want to see you weak! then i'll cry.. lol its not like im going for long.. maybe we'll get to meet there ;)

the people are coming tomorrow ;) i'll definitely enjoy my time :)

Thanks for the comment dear and im looking forward to your post :)