Sunday, 13 January 2008

Japan day 2-shinjuku

Today it took forever to wake my bro up, finally at 11 he got up.. everyone in the hotel left, and i heard the woman at the fron desk tell the cleaner we were the only room left.. i wish my bro would get up earlier.. i was already dressed when he got up so i went up the road to the conbini and got us some breakfast sandwiches *their bread is heavenly* and some starbucks coffee which they sell everywhere.. he still wasnt ready when i got back but anyways after breakfast we went to shinjuku coz he wanted to go to some electronics stores.. its like a maze their with all the shops having like 4 doors or was fun and very busy coz its the weekend.. it wasnt raining today but it was so windy and the wind burns your face coz its so cold.. my coat is thick enough, its only my face that gets cold.. then we went over to McDonalds for lunch, and my bro ordered a teriyaki burger, after two bites he asked me 'teriyaki is usually with chicken yeah? i said i didnt know so he left his burger uneaten.. i guess it tasted weird.. after we finished eating and went to throw our stuff, my bro threw it all in one opening, afterwards he noticed one says for fries n burgers, and one for drinks.. oh well.. the train back was extremely packed and we had to stand up all the way but thank god its not that far, and you have people all around you standing, but its not that bad.. then walking back to the hotel we stopped at 2 conbinis to get sweets that i want to bring back for everyone..didnt find much weird stuff but i'll look again..
oh and on our way back we say an indian resutarant, really posh place, so my bro went in to ask if they had chai karak LOL i though they wouldnt coz it looks so posh but they did, but no take away he said.. so we'll go next time.. since its so cold we need all the hot drinks we can find..
at ryokans (japanese inns) they always put a yukata for you (summer kimono) to wear in the room and even around the ryokan if you want.. i got one out and tried it on, its like a kimono, really nice..
thats all for now, i've just asked the guy at the front desk about the nearest hyaku-en store, i want to go and see if they're any differnt than daiso at home..
i took loads of pix today but i'll upload some later..
oh and for some reason, kame from kattun was on TV yesterday on 4 differnt things, first a dorama about some nun and boxing and something, then interview with cooking show, then a music show, and finally another interview, and then it became too much cuteness for me to bare so i went to sleep..
its so warm inside with the heaters.. nice!
bbye everyone, ttyl
ja ne


FeFe said...

hey ima-chan: i enjoyed reading ur post wallah with the various incidents and funny stuff you mention..

I think teriyaki has always to do with chicken right? but i have searched wikipedia for teriyaki and here is what i found:

teriyaki "is a cooking technique used in Japanese cuisine in which foods are broiled or grilled in a sweet soy sauce marinade (tare in Japanese)". ( used for seafood, meat, chicken, pork and so)

"Teriyaki burger (テリヤキバーガー, Teriyaki burger?) refers to a variety of hamburger, created by Japanese chain Mos Burger"

Looking forward for the pix..miss u sweetie..Always TC :-*

Ima-chan said...

Thanks for commenting and thanks for the info sweetie pie.. i will try to add pix later..
kio tsukete

reemy-chan said...

hi Ima-chan .. wallah i enjoyed reading it .. i want to be with u siso there ^^..

Karak in japan too ?? hahahahahah who drinks it there ? :P ..

when you will come back .. we have to meet so i can see the pix :P ..

today it was raining yaay ^^.. we enjoy the weather here ^^..

have fun siso ^^ ..

tc ..

cu ..

bye bye

Ima-chan said...

hey reemy-chan.. i guess todays the day yeah? you know what im talking about.. good luck, hope everything goes wel.. tc of ghada too ;)

Bash said...

I'm still at work , I have a bad headache and can not concentrate at all. I still have a lot of tasks to finish but too tired to do them ahhh. I thought why don't I check ima's blog; I think it's the time of the day where we see new updates and there they were. 2 new posts. YaY

I'm much better now that I read your fun post. It's like a small break for me & I liked it.

You know I still can't believe you actually went to Japan. I don't know why lol

Missed you but really glad to see your updates. I feel you're still with us here which is good =3

Liked your post.

Take care
* clicking the link to the next post*

Yay ,, more things to read & Can't wait to see the pictures xD