Tuesday, 15 January 2008


Just a quick update. We've moved from the 2nd ryokan and canceled all 12 days there.. we're now in a place called prince park tower hotel, im not sure if its 4 or 5 stars but its really nice, amazing actaully.. i'll update later with pix n stuff.. bbye for now


Bash said...

Great , I'm glad you found a better place ..

Waiting for the pix =]

Ima-chan said...

I put up loads of pix for you dont worry.. TC and thanks for keeping up with the comments ;)

FeFe said...

el7emdellah that you found a better place sweetie..

looking forward to seeing the pix
Ja ne:)

Ima-chan said...

lol its so nice here that my bro doesnt want to go out anywhere.. its only 10 to 5 now.. i want to go to hrajuku.. but hes having a nap.. hope he gets up and we get to go do something else this evening..
thank for commenting