Thursday, 31 January 2008

Japanese TV

Have been wanting to update for days, just about whats happening here and stuff but blogger wouldn't open.. now when i was able to log in, i have nothing to say.. so im writing about japanese TV.. boring probably unless you've seen it..

I’ve seen a couple of episodes of various dramas while in Japan.. Some were quite interesting, interesting enough to keep me entertained without understanding 95% of what was being said LOL. Here are a couple, im listing them so when the season’s over I can search for them online and watch them. I’m too impatient to wait week in week out to see what happens, so I prefer to wait until the season is over and I can watch the thing in one long drama fest ;)

My favourite is Bara no nai hanaya. Katori Shingo from SMAP is the lead.

I’ve also watched some eps of Saito-san which is quite funny.

Binbo Danshi, staring Oguri Shun. I didn’t like this one so much but I think I might of seen a boring episode.. the whole thing is probably interesting.

1 Pound no Fukuin, kazuya kamenashi’s newest drama. I don’t know what to make of it really, him falling for a nun LOL but the episode I watched was hilarious.

Edison no Haha, this is really good. About a teacher and this little naughty boy. I watched 2 eps and really enjoyed them

Sasaki Fusai no Jingi Naki Tatakai, this drama is being advertised everywhere, billboards, TV, everywhere but I have no idea about it except that Inagaki Goro from SMAP is the male lead.

I watched quite a lot of TV in Japan, for someone supposedly on holiday. Since my bro got up late every morning and we came back to the hotel early every evening, I had a lot of time and nothing to do. So I averaged about 4 hours of TV a day.. I watched so many interesting shows, and its interesting how I enjoyed them all without understanding much of what was being said.. its amazing actually LOL. OK, the stereotype about most Japanese shows being funny and whacky and bizarre as hell, is true! LOL but that’s a good thing.. I really enjoyed the show..

I’d like to talk about every show ive seen but I cant remember them and you’ll be bored to death, you have to see them to know what I mean ;)

There were these 2 guys on TV, wearing tight tank tops and tight speedo shorts, I saw them daily on more than one show. They are so hilarious.. at the beginning I hated them but then I got into them.. LOL I don’t know how to explain it.. On one of the shows they had to eat everything that baskin robbins sells.. took them 2 days and was funny as hell.. Watch this video of them if you want, maybe you’ll understand just a little bit of what im talking about.. (its about exercising in different situations, during a funeral, at an eye exam, while putting out a fire LOL)

Anyways, all I have to say is I LOVE JAPANESE TV! It’s the best!



Bash said...

Hello ,,
Tell me If I can find one those dramas you liked but with English Subtitles.

I watched the video of the 2 silly funny guys loooooooool

It led me to this one and I liked it he he he

Haruhi said...

did you get any chance to watch Honey and Clover? it's the new drama with Toma in it *grin*
glad to know that you really enjoyed your stay there =) hope you go again and hop i go too *giggle*

FeFe said...

hey have trying to log in and couldnt and i have been trying to post in your shoutbox but i couldnt..dont know why!!

as for the dramas..i have only watched Oguri Shun's Binbo Danshi while being there.. couldnt complete the episode..wasnt entertaining i guess..

i agree about Japanese shows, they were funy even though you dont understand what they are saying..i also like their ads, what do you think? i think they are creative..

will comment on your last Japan posts when i come back inshallah..

Take care rose..LUV U :-*

Ima-chan said...

This stupid blog keeps saying theres 0 comments, just opened this by chance and found 3! cool..

Bash: they'll probably be uploaded soon but its still early..

Haruhi-chan: no i didnt, but looking forward to it.. im a toma fan ;) and i hope you do get to go to Japan. btw, where did u find my blog? LOL its not like i advertise ;) just curious..

Fefe-chan: yeah the ads were quite differnt, esp. the little songs and phrases, they really stick in your head all day..
did u see the one about a car, a mum n her boy sing all the way to school.. so cute and catchy music ;)

Haruhi said...

well, you commented once on one of my posts so you found me first lol.. n i was curious on how you found it but i can tell you can't remember *giggle*