Monday, 28 September 2009

making a difference in someone's life

I am a big blog follower. You could probably figure out everything about me by looking at my google reader lol. Among the many blogs i follow there are a couple blogs of young mums who write very sarcastic and humorous posts about kids, that anyone would love! (if you have a good sense of humor that is). Anyway, i follow some and from time to time they put up photos of their cute kids. I love kids and it makes me so happy to see kids having fun and being pampered. On the other hand, it reminds me of all the unfortunate kids in this world. The poor kids with nothing to play with or even eat, the abused kids with no one to hear their cries for help and all the other kids in between. Life is not fair but to know how unfortunate a kid's life is, it just makes it harder to ignore it.

Which brings me to people and their attitude towards poor people. I honestly don't understand people sometimes. They hear about people in dire situations who need help and all they say is," oh how sad", or at most, "we should help" but thats where it all ends. They're all talk and no action. Why do people think its enough to sympathize and pity people in need? ITS NOT ENOUGH! your sympathy and pity will do nothing. It really makes me wonder how people think! I'm in no way a great person but if i hear such stories it breaks my heart and i don't feel at peace until i know i have helped them in some way, even if it is just spreading the word. What frustrates me is that these people would probably agree with me that they need to help and such but they won't do anything.

I wish people could experience the satisfaction of knowing you have helped someone and made a difference in their life. I wish they could see a poor mother's tears of happiness as she realizes she can now feed her kids. If they experienced such thing then they would get addicted. It really softens your heart and opens your eyes to bigger issues and makes you realize you should be grateful for all you have because some people don't have anything.

I wonder what YOUR reaction will be after reading this. Will it be "yeah we should help more" and then you'll forget about it and not do anything? Or will you act upon this? There are so many people in need, and don't use the excuse of "but i don't know any, or don't know where to find them", if you want to help you will find a way. I know people who need help, if you really want to help ask me and i will hook you up with people who need your help. So are you going to pretend you didn't read this post so you don't have to help? LOL its up to you.

Thats all! Jya!

Friday, 25 September 2009



おげんき です か。
きょう 山下 智久 の ブザー・ビート~崖っぷちのヒーロー を みました。ほんとうに おもしろい ドラマ ですよ。

あした おとうさん は ウガンダ に かえります。あいたい から うれしい です。おもしろい はなし を ききたい だから たのしみ に まっています。

じゃあ またね!

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Accounting is not easy or boring!

To all those who ever told me that Accounting is an office job, requires no interaction with actual people, requires great math skills, and is boring.. I WISH I'D NEVER LISTENED TO YOU GUYS!!

I thought i'd found the perfect major at uni, a job where i wouldn't have to deal with a lot of people, i could laze around all day in an office, i would have boring work and wouldn't need to think too much, and i'd get to use maths (i love maths).. but alas, my accounting job is nothing like that!

  • i never sit down, always standing, running around, dashing to different places.
  • its not boring! (i'd be happy as hell if it was) it is extremely challenging with different situations to figure out everyday! its nothing like you learn at uni.. everyday i learn a new thing (it would be so much easier if i didn't)
  • I hardly ever use math.. you don't need to be good in math.. thats a major downside for me, i wanted to have to use math but all i use is addition and subtraction :X
Its not what i expected but i guess thats good, it makes me think a lot and i can't be lazy.. and i'd like it if it wasn't so much pressure. I've been there a year and we still didn't get any new staff and its just too much work..

i talked to my boss and she promised she'd move me to another section in our department within the coming two months, i told her i want to move to the budget section, it seems a bit quieter and laid back,, wish me luck all!

Sunday, 19 April 2009

floatin turnin into jelly kanji

I don't know whats up with me,, since i got up this morning, even before leavin bed i wanted to cry for no reason.. Then at work, since its the first day with no workshop, i was running around tryin to finish as much work as possible, for some reason i wanted to finish everything today.. an hour into it i was so tired and hadnt even sat down, my collegue joking asked me if i was quiting tomorrow so i wanna finish everything today..

anyways, i dont know what was wrong with me, i was doing everything in a hurry as i felt like i wanted to cry yet laugh at the same time.. my senior asked me what was wrong with me today when i went into her office, i dont know why everyone noticed i was differnt.. at the end of the day she was talking to someone about me and i was next to her and she leaned over and hugged me and shes like i have no idea whats wrong with her today, shes not normal.. and i wasnt! but i dont know why!

I'm still feeling weird, naitai! demo doushite? doushite naitai?!

I miss mari and her family.. i hope i get to visit them in Oita soon :) i love the countryside..

Enough for now..

Saturday, 18 April 2009


Finally! after almost 5 months of trying i finally managed to log into my blogger account! Wow i sure missed a couple of posts.. so many things happened but i wont go back to them coz its too much.. i'll start from the present shall i?

On Thursday as i was leaving the extremely long workshop we've been having for months i received a call telling me that i passed the initial CPA assesment! So i'm now elligible to start with the CPA courses which will probably take many long months (8 probably) and then the even longer and the world famous cruel CPA exam which i will have to go to the US to take.. and its not just one.. several.. anyways, too early to think about that.. for now im just glad i passed and i now have the opportunity to take the courses..

We had a family meeting today we even called in my step-sister to discuss our holiday plans. This is going to be a memorable holiday as almost the whole family is going. Mum and Dad and my 2 brothers and 2 sisters, plus my married sis and her baby, plus my step sister and her 3 kids (plus the maid ofcourse!), and my grandma is also flying in from london so she can go with us! 14 in total! wow.. hope it goes smoothly.. so the plan is, we're going to bangkok then directly transfering to another flight to an island called koh samui, there we are renting an amazing beachfront villa with a huge pool and everything you could ask for including staff and conceriage.. We'll be staying there for 8 nights, just relaxing and going out hiking, bike riding, village market shopping and doing other various water activities (kayaking, jet skis, name it), then we're planning on going back to bangkok and staying there for 4 nights and just shopping all day long! (can't wait to buy doramas!) and then coming back.. It should be fun but we'll probably face many difficulties.. with my sister's little kids running everywhere.. anyways,, we're planning that for the 21st of june onwards.. we'll see how it goes..

I finally got a blackberry a few weeks ago.. i love the bb msn but other than that i never really use the bb, i never need to use the internet or anything but nevermind..

Can't think of anything else except to say that i LOVE NEWS and their song koi no ABO is quite good.. i listen to it atleast 30 times a day hhh..

Went to work this morning even though its the weekend, got some work done but still a lot to go..

I miss fefechan!

Monday, 1 December 2008


My boss agreed.. THANK GOD! I'm so happy!
Anyways, another good thing happened.. they've given us a holiday from the 2nd which is tomorrow until the 14th! yay! 2 whole weeks! im travelling tomorrow at 3 AM.. My family anf my uncle and his family are going to Syria where he has a villa that we'll stay at.. we used to go when we were kids but we havent been in like 9 years or something. the best thing is,we're going by car! its going to be super fun.. except 2 of my cousins dont want to go by car so they're coming by airplane later.. I wont have internet there so i'll update once im back..
I still havent packed >_<>

Friday, 28 November 2008

Going.. or not?

I have bad news.. i didnt want to write about it till im completely sure of whats going to happen but since ive been getting a lot of questions, i think i need to explain whats happening.

I had decided to hand in my one month notice on Tuesday. Then Bash called telling me to come down to her, it was urgent. I went down panicking wondering what the heck happened. I went to her and she was like, come with me, and took me to one of her collegues' office. By this time i had no clue what was going on. Anyways, to make a long story short, this guy told me that he'd heard i was going to resign and stuff. Bash told me not to tell anyone what he said coz its still confidential but anyways, he convinced me to stay for a bit longer and not resign, and he made me feel how utterly stupid it would be to throw my career down the drain for 2 wonderful but short-lived weeks in Japan. He said to wait for a bit and that changes will be happening within a short time and then to think about Japan. Lets just say i realized that although i only worked coz i wanted to go to Japan, and even though i can find a better job even if my CV sucks coz it mentions me quitting within less than 6 months of working, that it would be stupid. I don't know how he managed to convince me but im glad he did. So i said i'll think about it, but to tell you the truth, the moment he opened his mouth i knew i was convinced.

So ive decided to stay.. i will ask my boss for leave on those 2 weeks, if she accepts, i'll be ecstatic, if she doesnt, i'll have to endure it and stay. Although it would be hard to go to Japan any othe time coz my bro is at uni so he cant go with me, but i think in the long run, i'll be doing the right thing. I hope i am. My family thinks its the right thing to do too so we'll see.

I tried to talk to my boss on Wednesday and Thursday but she was too busy. I just sent her an email telling her i need to discuss something with her on Sunday so hopefully by Sunday i'll know whats going to happen. I really hope she says i can go.. If she says no i'll be sooo disappointed, especially since that means not seeing marie or fefechan in japan.. that would absolutely suck so im not even gonna think about it.. Everyone, please wish me luck! I need her to say yes..