Saturday, 18 April 2009


Finally! after almost 5 months of trying i finally managed to log into my blogger account! Wow i sure missed a couple of posts.. so many things happened but i wont go back to them coz its too much.. i'll start from the present shall i?

On Thursday as i was leaving the extremely long workshop we've been having for months i received a call telling me that i passed the initial CPA assesment! So i'm now elligible to start with the CPA courses which will probably take many long months (8 probably) and then the even longer and the world famous cruel CPA exam which i will have to go to the US to take.. and its not just one.. several.. anyways, too early to think about that.. for now im just glad i passed and i now have the opportunity to take the courses..

We had a family meeting today we even called in my step-sister to discuss our holiday plans. This is going to be a memorable holiday as almost the whole family is going. Mum and Dad and my 2 brothers and 2 sisters, plus my married sis and her baby, plus my step sister and her 3 kids (plus the maid ofcourse!), and my grandma is also flying in from london so she can go with us! 14 in total! wow.. hope it goes smoothly.. so the plan is, we're going to bangkok then directly transfering to another flight to an island called koh samui, there we are renting an amazing beachfront villa with a huge pool and everything you could ask for including staff and conceriage.. We'll be staying there for 8 nights, just relaxing and going out hiking, bike riding, village market shopping and doing other various water activities (kayaking, jet skis, name it), then we're planning on going back to bangkok and staying there for 4 nights and just shopping all day long! (can't wait to buy doramas!) and then coming back.. It should be fun but we'll probably face many difficulties.. with my sister's little kids running everywhere.. anyways,, we're planning that for the 21st of june onwards.. we'll see how it goes..

I finally got a blackberry a few weeks ago.. i love the bb msn but other than that i never really use the bb, i never need to use the internet or anything but nevermind..

Can't think of anything else except to say that i LOVE NEWS and their song koi no ABO is quite good.. i listen to it atleast 30 times a day hhh..

Went to work this morning even though its the weekend, got some work done but still a lot to go..

I miss fefechan!

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