Monday, 1 December 2008


My boss agreed.. THANK GOD! I'm so happy!
Anyways, another good thing happened.. they've given us a holiday from the 2nd which is tomorrow until the 14th! yay! 2 whole weeks! im travelling tomorrow at 3 AM.. My family anf my uncle and his family are going to Syria where he has a villa that we'll stay at.. we used to go when we were kids but we havent been in like 9 years or something. the best thing is,we're going by car! its going to be super fun.. except 2 of my cousins dont want to go by car so they're coming by airplane later.. I wont have internet there so i'll update once im back..
I still havent packed >_<>


Reemy-chan said...

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey >> am glaaaad 4 u .. finally she accepted ! =D .. Congratulation Ima ^^ .. and enjoy ur time in Syria ^^.. tc of urself siso ,,


Cami said...

Hi Ima! Sorry I've not really been in touch. Are you saying that you're going to get to go to Japan again? Sugoii! :) Take care!