Thursday, 17 September 2009

Accounting is not easy or boring!

To all those who ever told me that Accounting is an office job, requires no interaction with actual people, requires great math skills, and is boring.. I WISH I'D NEVER LISTENED TO YOU GUYS!!

I thought i'd found the perfect major at uni, a job where i wouldn't have to deal with a lot of people, i could laze around all day in an office, i would have boring work and wouldn't need to think too much, and i'd get to use maths (i love maths).. but alas, my accounting job is nothing like that!

  • i never sit down, always standing, running around, dashing to different places.
  • its not boring! (i'd be happy as hell if it was) it is extremely challenging with different situations to figure out everyday! its nothing like you learn at uni.. everyday i learn a new thing (it would be so much easier if i didn't)
  • I hardly ever use math.. you don't need to be good in math.. thats a major downside for me, i wanted to have to use math but all i use is addition and subtraction :X
Its not what i expected but i guess thats good, it makes me think a lot and i can't be lazy.. and i'd like it if it wasn't so much pressure. I've been there a year and we still didn't get any new staff and its just too much work..

i talked to my boss and she promised she'd move me to another section in our department within the coming two months, i told her i want to move to the budget section, it seems a bit quieter and laid back,, wish me luck all!

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