Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Day 9 and 10

On Sunday we got up really early in order to board our shinkansen at 8 from Tokyo station. It took 2 hours to Nagoya with mainly views of the sea/ocean, but I enjoyed the ride. The people on the train were all chatty and excited and all of them had their eki-ben with them (bento bought from the station for long journeys). At Nagoya it was so cold, probably -5 or something but no snow. Then we boarded another train to get to takayama which took 2 and a half hours. The ride was full of really beautiful views especially towards the end when we could see the snow.. We arrived at takayama at 1:30 pm to a town full of snow, but it wasn’t falling, just there from before. We went to a place called Hida no sato (hida folk village) which looked amazing, its full of these old houses with sloped roofs and you can go inside them and see what they have in and how they used to live.. but after an hour going around the village, it was enough. The town is so small we walked and walked and couldn’t find anywhere decent to eat, (or anywhere with an English menu), finally we found a hotel and asked them and they directed us to McDonalds. After lunch we bought some gifts; I found some cool Japanese crockery mugs that I got for my mum,dad, and nana.Then we decided we didn’t want to take a chance with the ryokan,to go all the way to it (its at the end of town) and find its really horrible. So we went back to the hotel we passed earlier on and stayed there for the night. There was nothing to do.. my bro made me watch sumo with him for an hour and then at 6:15 we both went to sleep LOL.i got up at 8:15 thinking its morning, I went to the window and found it was snowing.. such an amazing sight, I stayed up for an hour just watching the snow falling.. then I went back to bed, woke up at 6 AM, and boarded our train at 7. By 12:30 and after one train transfer we reached Tokyo station. We came and checked in at the hotel first and rested for an hour then went to Akihabara again, my bro wanted to get an RC car (I think that’s what its called). A car that works with a remote control, but not the kiddy kind, the kind that works on plane fuel.. anyways, it took us 3 hours, and walked around everywhere (the guys at every shop gave us a map to another place..) and finally he got it.. and it weights 10 kilos or something, so he decided we were going to take a taxi to the hotel..Oh and in akiba we stopped at that Indian place were we had the cheese nan before and we had some , yumm..

Once we got here I just glued myself to the TV LOL I watched 2 doramas, one with the guy from SMAP and one with kame..

PS in shibuya the other day we were buying stuff and waiting to pay and the lady in the shop noticed the key ring on my bag, and she pointd and she was like ‘yamapi!’ and I was like ‘daisuki desu’ and she laughed and showed the other older lady.. LOL.. and on the train today a young guy was sitting opposite me and didn’t even notice me then I saw him look at the yamapi key right, then he looked up to see who was sitting there, and he saw me and he was shocked LOL I could see his face change, he didn’t expect it.. LOL

Anyways, today we’re meeting up with fefechan at Tokyo station then going to Disneyland together.. im so excited to see her (considering we don’t even see each other in our country).. im sure we’ll have lots of fun ;)

Bash, where ARE you? I think I’ll call you later on today..

Just one more day left here after today, and on the 24th we’re leaving early in the morning, our flight from narita is at 10 something.. I really don’t wont to leave, but I miss everyone at home.. I think I might cry on the way back LOL I love this country so much.. hopefully, I will come back again.. I will try my best.. maybe this summer?! Maybe next year.. but most of all, im happy coz I finally got to live one of my biggest dreams, and I wasn’t disappointed by it.. I LOVE YOU DAD for making my dream come true :)


FeFe said...

sorry for not commenting before..you must be lucky to ride on the shinkansen..i wanted to try the shinkasen even for once but we didnt have time? how was is? any obvious differences from the other trains?

PS: i dont know what we could do there if there were no McDonalds LOL

Also, they must be surprised seeing you carrying yamapi's key ring just as they did when you bought the CD's ne

FeFe said...

LOL i didnt know why i added ? after the word time...i also meant how was it?*


FeFe said...
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