Wednesday, 16 January 2008

day 5

Last night before I went to bed I asked my bro what time does he want to get up so we can go out, and he was like ‘for god’s sake it’s a holiday we don’t have to put an alarm to get up early’ by early he means leaving by 11. That’s definitely not early, he stays up all night on the internet, then snorze the rest of the night so I cant sleep, and then doesn’t get up till noon. I got up at 9:30 since I knew theres no way he would get up early, I went online and waited for him to get up. At 11 I started waking him up and told him if he didn’t get up I’d go out alone, I told him mum said I could, and he said ‘your mums not here now. I tell you wether to go out or not’! I cant believe he said that, I tried very hard not to cry and ignored it and told him to get the **** up!

Finally, we left at qauarter to one! All the morning had passed! I was so mad at him, and its not like we were going somewhere I wanted to go, we were going back to Tokyo tower coz he wanted to go to the wax mueum there.. which turned out to be absolutely horrible! Nothing worth watching, just money and time wasted! Then hes like, now what? So I said I want to go to Harajuku to a couple of places to get gifts, so we went, and we spent a fortune there! I have so many gifts to buy and everything is expensive, well not everything but the things I want to buy are expensive.. we went to this place called kiddy land.. we didn’t realize it was 5 floors, we only went to the first floor and spent a 1000 there.. then we saw that there were other floors.. and we went to other places too, and I found a place with all celebrity stuff (have to take you there fefe) and bought some stuff there.. Then my bro decided he wanted to eat when he saw, none other than, McDonals! LOL so he went and I went in a shop nearby.. then we came back to the hotel, left by 1, back by 4! Not long enough, and 4 is just the beginning of the evening, I would’ve liked to go out again but I knew my bro would say hes tired so I didn’t say anything..

Hes really getting on my nerves, we’ve never been close coz I never really see him, hes never at home, but now spending time with him, hes really getting on my nerves! Never smiles or anything, always complaining, or talking about japan and Japanese people in a bad way.. keeps saying what a horrible country it is, and wont listen to whatever I have to say.. I wish I’d came with my dad, it would’ve been so much more fun and enjoyable.. my mum said to remember that this holiday is for me and he is just with me to accompany me and it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t have fun, its my graduation present! But its easier to take him somewhere he likes than to have to drag him around with me with his sour face and horrible comments about everything..

Anyways, I didn’t take many pics but I’ll upload what I have..

Hope everyones doing great, I miss everyone..


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FeFe said...

konnichiwa dear:) am sorry to hear that about your brother complaining and so but as ur mum said its ur graduation gift so u have to enjoy ur time as much as u can ne

you can never imagine the hardships we have been through till my parents said we can go.. first my dad said no but & my dad yes then the opposite God, they are so hard to convince and now we had to do everthing in a rush bs el7emdellah..

anyhow sweetie..i hope that we meet there soon and spend precious time together =)