Saturday, 12 January 2008

Japan day 1

Hey everyone,
trying to type on the hotel PC and its a japanese keyboard..complicated!
we had a probelem with customs at the airport, they took us aside and asked us questions and put us in a room then in the end they let us go, plus our flight from hong kong was delayed and hours and a half so we couldnt get our rail pass coz it was late and everythings close.. we barely caughts the last train to tokyo station which too and hour maybe.. a nice police man helped me buy a ticket since i didnt know what to do LOL then we met a saudi boy n girl who study here who told us where to go at tokyo station and they found two girls who are going where we want to go and they told them to tell us when to get off LOL the girls were helpful but were ovbiousely talking about us the whole time and giggleing and saying sugoi.. after we got out of the station we needed a taxi.. lol i went to one that was stopped at a traffic light and used japanese and sign langauage on him, it worked and we went with him.. and he taught me some japanese on the way. he was like do you have any change and i said iie so he laughed and said you have to say nai.. so i said ok.. coz we got to the hotel late the guy that speaks englihs wasnt here so i had to talk to the old japanese guy, he asked if i knew japanese i said a little and he started talking so much, i understood everything el7amdillah and i was amazed that i did, so was my bro..
we got up late and found its raining so we only went to explore the neighbourhood.. its really cool.. little neighboured but we found about 5 conbinis.. we got pink kitkat, ornamin c and other junk.. my shoes are soaked, so glad i brounght boots too.. were going to go out in a bit.. not sure were but we have to exchange our passes..

this is all.. tc everyone

PS a japanese lady saw me n my bro leaving the hotel and she told me you towo look so kawaii LOL

EDIT: we went and exchanged out JR passes, but finding the train going to the right place is the problem.. anyways, we went to fukagawa edo muesum which is a really nice museum with replicas of old houses and stuff and we found a nice guy who works there who gave us a private tour ;) he even knew where the UAE was, and he explioan everything and even let us go into the houses n stuff, my bro didnt but i did *because he didnt want to take his shoes off*.. it was really fun, then we went to McDonalds for our lunch *lol its 5 oclock*, im not hungry yet *i guess from the exchitemwent, i didnt even have breakfast just half a peice of egg-mayo sandwich which was delicious.. since its still early my bro said he might need to go out for dinner later so i hope i`ll be hungry by then.. looking forward to going out, the weather is amazing, cold with a little bit of a drizzle.. ok going to watch some show on tv that has toma whats-his-name in it.. bbye


FeFe said...

Hi sweetieb=) thanks for the post..

its seems that you are having fun el7emdellah..and the people there, from wt you have mentioned, are friendly and helpful..yokatta ne:)

i dont know what to say but am really happy for you..also its good you are practicing ur japanese ne el7emdellah sweetie keep it up

* you should eat properly dear..its cold out there and you dont wanna leave ur stomach empty

Always take care..LUV U

Looking forward to reading ur next updates =)

pinkish-heart said...

wow ,, it's so fun reading your post ..
Specially now that they are coming from Japan.

oh ,, did they think you're terrorists because of the way you were dressed =P

looooool @ the giggling girls but at least you know they're not saying bad things since you heard sugoi. I'm sure they were excited to see people from a different country.

looool ,, I thought iie is the right word.. I can't stop laughing. You know whenever you tell us something I immediately start imagining as the post goes on. So the taxi scene was really funny.

I want to see the look on your brother's face when you spoke and understood Japanese. I'm sure he's impressed.

Thanks for updating us.
Please continue to do so.

Oh , I'm so excited. I thought you wouldn't really post from there =P ..

I'll read your next post

reemy-chan said...

hi ima :D ..

glad to read ur post siso ..
we miss u here ^^..

have fun and eat well ^^.. and enjoy every moment ^^..