Saturday, 19 January 2008

Day 7 photos

This is a guy from a band called 'bank band', notice what hes wearing? ;) ive seen a lot of guys and girls with them around their necks, im sure they dont know what it is.. just looks funky to them..
A show i found on one of the channels teaching Arabic to Japanese people ;)
View of the rainbow bridge from DECKS
DECKS Beach Tokyo (the guys sitting there were playing cards, it was freezing cold and they're sitting outside playing cards!!)
I didnt take many photos since we were in malls and an indoor park.. just a f

1 comment:

FeFe said...

Great photos dear..I liked the one with the Rainbow Bridge..its just amazing

as for what the guy is wearing..yeah i noticed that, too. boys and girls wearing it around their necks and some around their waist..

Lol did you notice the camel at the top of the pic of the chanel that teaches Arabic!

DECKS beach tokyo was great.. i wish we had spent more time there!