Friday, 18 January 2008

Day 6 photos

The mochi we bought.. looked so nice..
Japanese menu at the Italian place
This is the view from the ferris wheel, only halfway up..
This is the sake (japanese wine) we drank..JK.. its water..
This is the casion we went to.. JUST KIDDING. it was in the middle of the mall.. we just took a pic.
This is the mall in paretto town, its actaully alot like sahara mall, with clouds on the roof and old style walkways and stuff, but nicer..

I spotted this from across the shop, then my bro told me that mubadala are the sponsors of Ferrari, didnt know that..
A futuristic car at the Mega Web Toyota showroom

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FeFe said...

were these pix taken at the DECKS or Pallete Town?

Btw: nice pix and comments dear;)hehe the casino one LOL