Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Sad :( and Obesseive-Compulsive Disorder

Theres no Japanese class tomorrow which means i won't get to see fefe-chan! I was going to meet up with her at uni before but coz we had this class i didnt thinking i would see her then :( im so disappointed!

Oh and gomen ne fefehcan, i have ur zasshi..

Bash came over today after work which was fun, she came in and i was like 'your cousin is here' (her cuz is my sister's friend) and an hour later, her sis showed up.. LOL.. my mum was 'their having a family meeting at our house'.. Thanks for coming by, and i WILL get you presents, and please reassure memo, LOL!

I got up today and started packing coz i thought that i'd be studying tomorrow and i have the japanese class, but now i dont! and im only half-way through packing and my bro says he wants me to pack his bags too!! noway, im putting mum on that job!

I spent around 4 hours this morning JUST priting stuff LOL.. maps, guides, timings for places i want to go to, and all that.. everythings neatly arranged in a little folder thats going in under my clothes in the suitcase, so my mum wont see it! LOL she already thinks i stress too much about things if she sees all that i have, she'd think im crazy..

On to a sad note, i tend to like things to be in order and i get nervous if i face unexpected things although i know i can do well, my mum jokes saying ive got obsessive compulsive disorder.. i never cared coz i know its not right.. however, a few days ago we were having lunch and for some reason we had one odd plate out (white one with a green pattern on the edge), while all the others were the normal white plates we always eat in. when my sis handed me the odd plate, I dont know why, i thought hard about it but i still dont know, i told her 'eew no i want a white plate' and my mum was like 'why?'. and i said 'it gives me a strange feeling, and it reminds me of something' (my mum took that to mean turtles). I have no idea where that answer came from but i just felt like i was going to cry if i had to use that plate.. and my mum was like 'whats wrong with it? you have to force yourself to eat with it or you'll become like those weird people with OCD'. and that got me thinking about why i didnt want the plate? i still dont know. its not an ugly plate, actually its nicer than the white ones.. i just dont know what put me off it.. its frustrating!

They say everyone has some form of OCD espcially when they're younger. I dont know about you guys, but once me and my sisters got talking about it and we found out a couple of things we used to do as kids that would be considered a type of OCD. Some of things were, when walking by a fence we have to touch every bar in the fence, if we miss one we have to go back to the beginning or to the one before it and continue.Another is, when hearing a word you start spelling it out with your fingers 'like drawing it' wherever your hand is, like if its on your leg, you move your finger slightly to spell out the word..

Maybe we're a bunch of weirdos LOL we definitely are! but they say all people have some mild form of OCD while they're younger.. what about you guys? any kind of rituals/obsessions you used to have? LOL you probably didnt have any.. but im just asking..

Well, thats enough for now.. i need to go to bed.. oyasumi


FeFe said...

hi sweetie..am dissappointed, too.. i have been waiting for Wednesday to come but things that are out of our control can happen sometimes!! & dear dont worry abt the zasshi.. you can it, its all yours :)

Let's hope we have a chance to meet there inshAllah..

am glad you had spent some time with Bash, her sis, and cousing..the have given you a proper farewell at least ( its not like you are going forever but am gonna miss you for sure)

its good that you prepared ur suitcare already..i hope you packed every thing you need and not forgot anything of importance.

i guess brothers are the same everywhere!! my bro once asked me to pack his bag two hours before his flight's take off time!!!

As for the OCD, the plate thing is really weird ne LOL once you figure out why you reacted the way you did, tell me plz hehe i would love to knw the reason..

i dont know if i have OCD but i have habit while eating that i think is weird..i cant use the same spoon for eating different types of food (i.e if am eating salad n rice, i would have two spoons LOL) sometimes i end up having three or more spoons in my plate..

i wrote too much..gomenne

aishiteru :-*)

FeFe said...

so many grammar n spelling mistakes sry..i typed n never checked..TC LUV

Ima-chan said...

Hey fefe,
thanks for the long comment, i love long comments ;) and dont worry about the mistakes, i never check either..

LOL everyone's acting like im going away for 6 months or something LOL i will miss you for sure! but i hope we do meet there..

i am bound to forget something important, LOL, thats just life! yesterday i dream that i forgot my coat hanging in the cupboard! LOL thats the most important thing, i was panicking..thank god it was a dream!

I know the plate thing is extremely weird, im hoping i'll know why i did that *some day* LOL

your spoon issue is weird but understandable.. im like that but with certain thing, like if im having rice and salad its ok i'd use the same spoon.. but if i had rice and then pasta, i would definitely have to change the spoon..

Can't beleive im going tomorrow! i hope it all goes ok and we dont get into any problems ;)

TC sweetie.. aishiteru XOXO

Bash said...

1st of all , sorry you guys didn't meet. I hope you do meet in Japan, I'm sure it will be so much fun.

looooool ,, I liked your mom's comment (( family meeting ))

he he

umm ,, it's weird how you reacted when you got the green plate. The bar thing is something we used to do when we were kids. We also did the same when there were shapes and lines on carpets or on the floor and we would have to follow them exactly lol.

I don't really know what is considered as an OCD but one of my bad habits is how I can't stay in my room with the door open even if it was opened only slightly. I have to check that it is closed all the way or I would be feeling uneasy. I always get up and close the door or ask them to close it whenever someone enters or leave the room. Another bad habit is that I must watch something on TV when I eat any snacks or food.

Oh ,, few hours left until you leave.

Hope you enjoy it.
I will miss you

Ima-chan said...

Hey bash,

LOL u know im the same with the door thing, i remember a few months ago when u were over and i kept asking everyone who left my room to close the door properly and you said, your like me! LOL i can sit in any other room with the door open but in my room it has to be closed properly or i feel a need to go close it.. weird..

i tried to sleep-in today since i wont be sleeping for more than 24 hours but couldn't! im sitting here and dont know what to do.. im so bored!

no work today, yeah? cool..

Reemy-chan said...

Hi Ima-chan ..

Going to miss you sis .. today ur leaving .. how do you feel ? ..

Sorry to hear that you didn’t meet with fefe-chan. I hope you will meet here in Japan and enjoy ur time together ^^..

Lol there is many weird things we do it , without reasons lol .. for me I have to lock the door when I am in my room. Lool even if its for 2 min. :S weird ya .. but I don’t know why I don’t feel comfortable if its unlock ! lol ..

Lol there is another wired habit I remember lol .. we have two stairs in my house .. I use the right one only hahaha even if I am near the other one :S .. I don’t know why and what the reason behind this habit ! but I feel uncomfortable when I have to use the left one which is the nearest to my room lol ..

Cu sooon Ima-chan .. have fun ^^..

reemy-chan said...

her* :$