Monday, 14 January 2008

Day 2 photos

This girl was just stnading there in her cosplay outfit waiting for someone to notice her, and a guy did and asked for a photo, then everyone started taking pix, including us, i guess thats how to get attention if you want it ;)
Random building in akihabara..
Everything is so bright!
They had lots of cute stuff at the game arcades, especially rilakkuma, hes so famous for some reason..
not a very good pic, i know, but just look at the typical Japanese guy, thats what they look like, tight trousers, long wild hair, funky boots, and shoulder/hand bags..
They have these (i dont know what they're called) everywhere, rows upon rows of them, i got some cute stuff from them..

I just had to take a photo of him ;) and the guy in the shop looked at me like, i know why your taking a pic of the laptop.. lol.. no kidding..

More pix later


Bash said...

1st Pic

lol ,, I can see the reflection of the cameras flashes =P

No I think it's the shop sign lol..
She's like a celebrity ,, standing there in her custom smiling while being photographed ..

2nd Pic

Oh ,,The first thing I noticed was SEGA ,, SEGA lol ..

This town looks really cool .. Now I really want to visit it =3

I would go crazy if I went there, I'm a big spender =P

3rd pic

I thought it was a manga & anime store but Media world is close enough =P

I liked the entrance of this store .. Kawaii =P

I bet everything is Kawaii there ..

4th Pic

Loved them .. I never won anything from this kind of machines -__-

5th Pic

loool ,, is it really how a typical Japanese guy look like?!

I thought they were in their colsplay outfits like the girl in the 1st pic loooooooool ..

I also thought they only look like this in dramas , mangas and animes.

6th Pic

Awwwwww ,, Loooks cuuute and they have a lot of choices. They're so lucky with their cute things

7th Pic
he looks cuute =3
looool ,, I thought it was the laptop you are using in Japan when I saw the background ..

Can't wait to see the next pictures

Ima-chan ,, I wanna see pics of the two ryokans pweeez ..

PS: I noticed that I used cuuute & I thought a lot of times lol .. It's annoying

Good Night

FeFe said...

Hi there..nice pix dear =) akihabara is a place for electronics so its expected for everything in that place to be bright, especially at night..but i guess thats not the case..shibuya has also bright ads, boards, and buildings!!

the first pic is nice..she does look cute:) and i agree in the typical japanese guy pic, they do look like celebreties but i hate men wearing tight trousers!!

nice shot of the " raws & raws thing" LOL i dont know what they are called either but its so cute and i think you are trying everthing you see =)

Ahhhh..the last pic is my faveourite ( ichi ban), i dont have to tell you ne;)he does look cute as always but if u happen to see him, would you please tell him to smile and quit having this serious look of his! however, he is still cute =)

Keep ur posts coming dear
Take care:)

Ima-chan said...

both of you thanks for commenting, the comments are too long for me to comment on them, my time here is precious you know ;) miss you both, glad u like the pix.. i'll keep them coming..