Saturday, 19 January 2008

Day 8

Today we went to Shibuya. First of all we walked for miles tryin to find a book store called Book 1st and couldn’t find it.. then we went to Tokyu Hands which sells everythings, it has furtniture, bags, cosmetics, stationary, shoes….ect everything. We only went to the floor with stationary and I bought sooo mnay cute stuff from there, we spend about a 1000 just on stationary and the cashier looked at us like we were crazy. Then we found a ‘thank god its Friday’s’ ;) and had lunch there, their menu is diffenrtn than ours and the food was amazing. Then we walked around some more and I found a place called funky street, little corner shop, it was so cool and funky, and I got some cute stuff there.. Then we went to Tower Records. I’m not sutre how many floors they have, but we only went to two, they sell music CDs and DVDs and some magazines. And I bought more CDs, SMAP and WaT ( a new band I like), and my bro got some weird Japanese jazz or soul or something..

Then we found a shop selling traditional Japanese stuff, the store is about half the size of my bedroom, and we spent another 1000 there, we bought half the store. LOL. They had caps with kimono fabric designs on them that were amazing.. plus other stuff…

Then we went to see HAchiko statue which is a statue of a dog, the story goes that a man had a dog who walked with him to the station everymorening and then waited for hm to come back from work and walked back with him, this happened for years, until one day the guy died at work so he never returned but the dog kept coming everyday and waiting. And so when the dog died they built this bronze statue of the faithful dog.. we took some pix of that.. and then come back to the hotel, on the train we were sitting and then at one station a lot of people came on and two old ladies came and stood infront of us to hold on to the rails and they had suitcases with them, so I told my bro to get up and told them to sit down..LOL they were surprised, they didn’t believe it, they were like ‘hontou ni? Ii desu ka’ (really? Is that ok?) and I was like ‘hai hai dozo’ and they sat down and kept saying thankyou like 10 times LOL. I would never sit down if I saw an old person standing but I noticed all the young people sitting and no one getting up for old people to sit.. so I guess they really were surprised.. LOL..

AND I broke my promise to never go to starbucks, it was so cold on the way back and I wanted something hot so I stopped at starbucks, and I hated myself for it later..

Tomorrow were getting up early and going by shinkansen to takayama, it takes 4 hours, and 2 trains.. hope all goes well..

Fefechan just messaged me saying she arrived safely.. yokatta ne.. im glad you arrived safely and cant wait to hear what your first impressions of Japan are ;) please blog about it, yeah?

Bash, where are you? You aren’t commenting these day??!! Hope everything’s fine..

That’s it for now.. might upload pix if I can.. TC everyone :)

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FeFe said...

its the first time i read this post..i dont know how i skipped this one!!! even though i didnt have time to comment before, i have read all your posts..weird!!

anyhow..shibuya is great and u emailed me before telling me to go to Tokyo hands but i couldnt remember the name when we got there LOL

as for hachiko..i really like the story..i read it before somewhere but i thought the statue is gonna be huge but it wasnt LOL

regarding the trains, i noticed the same thing..young poeple wouldnt stand to let the olds sit..i was surprised, too..

my bro wont sit even though there are vacent seats.i dont know why!!

Ahh i remember reading this post now LOL when you said "blog about it" but its weird..everthing i read above that sentence seemed new to me!!