Monday, 14 January 2008

Japan day 3

Today i got up early to find that my bro had fallen asleep on the sofa..LOL.. anyways, since he liked the cheese sandwiches so much yesterday i thought i'd be a nice sister and go get him some for breakfast.. its a 20 minute walk but i thought its ok i need to excercise.. when i got there, the shop is in akihabara, there were millions of people around.. mostly boys in school uniforms walking around, why not a school? i dont know.. anyways, i got there and the guy said they start their oven or whatever at 11, its was 10 to 11 so i decided to walk around.. i walked around then came and sat in there waitng, it took 10 mins to make, and 10 mins waiting, then 20 mins to get back to the hotel.. we had to check out at 12, so i tried to wake my bro up and gave him his breakfast but he was so ungreatful.. lol.. i felt like, why did i even bother.. and i had gotten him a startbucks caramel latte coz hes been buying it since we came, he said why did you get this, i dont like it.. i was like, like it or leave it.. i dont care..
anyways, then we checked out but the check in at the second place was at 4 so the kind old man said he'd keep our luggae and so we went to akihabara since my bro said he wanted to go again and buy stuff.. when we got there he wouldnt look at anything, just walked like a zombie.. i told him wont you look at the shops, i didnt plan anything i wanted to do since you said you wanted to come here today.. he was like, im too tired to look.. i want to go somehwere else.. i was like, wehere? i didnt plan anything coz of you and now you dont want to look at anything.. i got so frustrated and felt like hitting him but i ignored my erges and said what the heck, i'll do what i want and ill drag him around, so i took him back to shijuku to marie's favourite department store, takashimaya, which takes up 15 whole floors.. i went to HMV and got some CDs, Kattun, NEWS, and gackt.. the guys looking at CDs there were looking at me in a weird way..LOL.. then we went back for our luggae and through 3 stations with heavy suitcases to finally arrive here.. the ryokan looks nice from outside and the lobby and hallways, but the room is TINY and we both hate it.. at the other ryokan we had a hallway, living room, bedroom, bathroom, toilet.. here only one room with a bathroom and toilet for double the price of the other place.. so we're now looking for somewhere else to go.. we might go back to the first ryokan if we find a booking.. were looking at normal western style hotels but almost everything is booked! were having such a hard time finding anything good..

PS today i talked to a girl giving out ad papers (inside tissue packets, thats what they do here, so you take it). i asked her where the station was when we were in akihabara since we couldnt find it.. she looked so shocked when i talked japanese, its not like i said poerty or something just one single sentence.. lol.. but then she smiled and was really helpful.. i also shocked another taxi driver when i talked japanese lol, then he started saying stuff and i didnt understand a thing, so i was like, i dont speak japanese, and he looked at me like he was saying what a lier.. lol

So, we're hoping to move tomorrow.. we'll see.. i hope it all goes well, i dont want to spend all day tomorrow looking for hotels and not having fun..

im going to upload some pix now since i couldnt yesterday..

ignore all the spelling/grammatical mistakes..



Bash said...

I kept checking your blog for updates the whole time I was at work lol

I would open it every 10 minutes hoping to see a new post..

Then I was concerned and thought that maybe you didn't have internet connection in the new ryokan and we wouldn't be able to see any of your updates..

Anyways .. I'm so glad to see your post.. I'm so addicted to reading your blog =P

I'm the kind of person who get addicted easily lol ..

Sorry today wasn't a really good day for you.. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a a more enjoyable day for both of you..

Is it still day 3 ? I feel like you've been away for a week or maybe more -_-

Awww, too bad the new ryokan isn't as good as the other.. Hope you'll be able to book a much better one tomorrow..

looooooooooooool ,, It must be funny how they were shocked when you spoke to them in Japanese..

PS: Today's funny scene is the look that the taxi driver gave you looool..

I'm going to check your next post now..

Sorry for my long comments.. I can't help myself ..

See you

FeFe said...

hi sweetie:) sorry to hear that the other ryokan wasnt good..LOL i dont know what to write..eveything i was thinking to write about Bash already said it LOL as if she was reading my mind..the taxi driver look was so funny but its true u cant say you speak japanese because if u say so, they will start speaking fast adn it'll be hard to understand..

Take care sweetie:-*