Saturday, 12 January 2008

Photos from Japan

They have a vending machine around every corner, thats not an exaggeration! look at their funny-looking coke!

A shrine we passed, not interesting but i though im in japan i have to have atleast one pic of a shirne!
They sell individual boiled eggs! LOL

I'm currently eating sakura (cherry-blossom) kitkat and drinking some calpis.. thinking for going out for some "freshness burger" later on.. sorry only 3 pix but im going out.. i'll update again later, and if i kill you with so many updates dont read them.. im doing it for me.. so i dont forget it present requests.. except bash, youve requested enough lol ;)


FeFe said...

Nice pix dear:)LOL the individual boiled egg was funny..i never thought about such thing..

from the shrine's pic, the wethear looks great ( ii tenki ne)

Take Care dear

pinkish-heart said...

Great shots ..
Loved the shrine one..

& the egg vending machine is funny lol..

Trust me it is interesting to read your posts. I can never get bored of them. They're so interesting.

Hope you do kill us with posts =P

loooooooooool ,, I don't want any gifts -_-

Just don't forget to update once in a while (more like everyday =P)

Pweez ,,

Take care


reemy-chan said...

hey Ima-chan :D .. cannot wait to read ur posts ..

its seem fun to be there .. :D ..

hope to have fun ..

loool egg ?? .. hahahahaha .. nice .. i want 2 try it :P ..

Ima-chan said...

Fefechan: i thought who would buy a boiled egg but my bro saw it and hes like lets take it and some bread and make sandwiches, i was like 'no way', then as we got to the second isle they had boiled egg sandwich 'i think cheaper than the bread n egg on its on lol' and i was like 'take this if you want'

Yeah the weather is great although my bro doesnt seem to think so ;)

Bash: i will try to update as much as i can, coz this is my travel diary 'i always write a travel diary but this time the blog will be enough'
its not an egg 'vending machine', its just individual eggs sold in little packets at the conbini.

it IS fun thank god, at least so far.. hope you have fun too ;) and please start commenting again.. ;)