Friday, 18 January 2008

Day 5 photos

This street was full of little shops selling all kinds of things, some expensive some not, it was so crowded and so cool.. heres where i found the celebrity goods shop i talked about..
They had thess huuuge vans, driving around harajuku blasting music so loud,advertising this band's album, dont know who they are but their music is good, i heard it on TV too.. its good..

LOL this pix is of a guy and a girl who were walking infront of me, the guy was soooo tall and thin, and looks at his trousers LOL he looks so funny..
And ofcourse i saw an jacket ad at a jacket shop wiht yamapi so i had to stop and take a pic ;)

This is pic from the wax museum,, Leonardo Da vinci in case you didn't recognize it, and his monalisa..

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FeFe said...

Do i have to say which photo is my favorite LOL i guess no need ;)

as for the vans advertising..i think i have watched too during our stay in Japan..but one was advertising with loud sounds really..the other van had pics of the anime " Evangilion"..hehe i guess you dont know it..

the pic of the girl & boy: the boy looks like girl..i cant till the difference..but once while we were at tokyo midtwon, i saw a couple walking and the guy was wearing tight trousers and the girl's wasnt as tight as his!!!!