Sunday, 13 January 2008

Japan day 2-cont.

We decided to go to the hyaku en store only to find that it is a really small one with not much stuff in it.. and then as we left the store and turned around we found out we were in akihabara town.. we didnt know it was so close.. akihabara is electronics heaven with over 2000 electronics shops, some big, some small.. it was sooo busy but so much fun.. i ended up buying more things than my bro.. but it was too big to go everywhere so after 4 hours we decided we'd go back again tomorrow and buy more stuff.. h and we found lots of poeple doing cosplay there, where they dress up as french maids or cats or stuff lol, i took some pix but it was really hard to take any.. on the way back we spotted an inidan resturanut selling showarma so we decided to get some, and we got some bread n cheese thingy, which was so cheesy and delicious *like a cheese sandwhich from a bakery at home but filled with so much melted cheese,yumm*. again, i didnt eat much today, i should be coz of all the walking but for some reason im not hungry at all.. oh and on our way to the station in the morning they were filling a movie or dorama on the bridge so they made us stop so they could film some shots, the lead actor was so cute but i didnt recognize him from anywhere..
tomorrow we're going to the other ryokan which i hope is better than this one, although this one is not too bad except for the bathroom.. its actually quite nice.. the old japanese guy here is so nice, he told me he would keep our luggage for us for 4 hours after check-out as the check-in at the other place is at 4, and here the check-out is 12.. he keeps talking to me in japanese, but everytime i come up to him to ask something i speak english and hes like, you are the one that knows some japanese yeah? and i say yeah and he starts talking a mile a minute lol..
so i guess tomorrow we're going back to akihabara 'akiba' and then checking in at the other place and maybe wander around that neighbourhood see what there is to do..

oh and we went to game arcades today which was fun and all the games have cute prizes but i didnt win much.. oh and a drunk man almost fell on me today, now i know what alcohol smells like, it stinks, on the trains at night you can really smell it so strong..
thats it, will try to upload pix..
tc everyone


pinkish-heart said...

Wow ,, I read about akiba in wikipedia and I think I'll love it there because I love electronics.

Hope you enjoy it tomorrow & hope you like the new ryokan you're moving to but make sure they have internet connection =P.

oh , The drunken guy incident is scary but I laughed when I read it I don't know why lol. Glad you're having fun.

Inshalla you'll enjoy it too tomorrow and every other day you spend there.

Looking forward to seeing the pics
Take care

FeFe said...

Hi again dear.. i was bored so i thought I'll check ur blog and found out that you posted again..YAY =)

I read about akihibara looks like an interesting place..

about the dorama glad that the lead isnt yamapi otherwise ill feel jelous JK sweetie LOL

i can see that you too started talking about food ne.. is it because you started reading the nikki too? Jk LOL i think am being silly gome

well..enjoy ur time tomorrow at akihibara and hope that the second ryokan will be better

Ja ne sweetie :-*

Ima-chan said...

bash: im sure you'd love it in akiba its really cool..

Fefe: i wish it was yamapi.. too bad it wasnt.. but you know the guys here all look like celebrities in the way they dress n do their hair n stuff.. if yamapi or any other celeberity was here you wouldnt even recognize them from the crowd.. or maybe if its pi then its a differnt situation..

lol not readying the nikki just getting more like pi everyday..