Thursday, 17 January 2008

Day 6

Today I got up early again, and my bro slept till 12! Its getting really annoying.. we left at 1 to Odaiba. We went to a place called pallete town (paretto town) which has a huge Toyota show room, and a historical cars section with famous old cars.. thought my bro might like that.. it wasn’t really my type of thing but trying to please him.. then I told him I wanted to go to the mall that’s next door to the show room, and he was like ‘ I don’t want to walk around a mall, isn’t it time for lunch?’.After I walked around all these car places for a whole hour! I was so mad, I told him I don’t want lunch and let him go and eat by himself and I went in the mall.. a few minutes later he called and said he hadn’t eat, he said he’d wait for me to eat so we can go to a restaurant in the mall instead of McDonald’s. I thought, ok after I finish looking around we’ll go and eat. But I just started walking and hes like, tell me when your hungry. I told him, I wont be hungry for a while, hes like coz im resisting my hunger.. I was like WTH now I cant even look around, he wont eat alone, I have to go and eat too.. and I knew if we ate he wouldn’t want to walk around.. so I ignored him and walked around for an hour buying more gifts. Then we went to an Italian place and had lunch. After that, he was ready to leave but I insisted on riding the huge ferris wheel there.. its so huge and takes 20 mins to do a full circle but it was fun, except it was sooo windy outside that when we were up the thing kept swaying in the wind a bit, and I got scared.. lol not really scared, just worried.. anyways, then we went inot the game arcade downstairs for about 40 mins. I went straight for the purikura booths, which were all in Japanese but I managed to get pix in the end.. and my bro played on those car games thingies for such a long time and I just waited patiently..

Then on our way back, where do you think we got dinner from, yes, you guessed it, McDonalds!

PS we bought some mocha with cream thing in it today but I didn’t like it at all..

Didn’t take many pix but if I can I’ll upload some.


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FeFe said...

its good you went to odaiba..its an interesting place really - from what i read..will go there inshallah and will go on the ferris wheel =)

glad you took pix fromt he purikura booths, u wanted that from the begining..

Have a good day tomorrow, LOVE U sweetie:)