Wednesday, 16 January 2008

continuation of day 4

First of all let me say, YAY!!!!!!! im so excited! fefechan is coming, can't wait to see you guys here! let me know all the details ;)

My bro didn’t get up from his nap, it took me an hour and 30 mins to wake him up to go get dinner coz I was hungry. I was going to leave him sleeping and go but didn’t want him to worry. So we didn’t get to go to Harajuku after all, we went to the town center near the station where all the restaurant and LIFE is.. its so quite near the hotel coz its all shrines and stuff.. it only took us 10 mins to get there.. we found McDonald’s in our face, but I told my bro no way I was having it twice in a day, so we found Wendy’s and my bro said we’d go there.. but I spotted a little teeny weeny sign that says ‘house of magic spices’ LOL I thought, that must be an Indian restaurant, no one would call a restaurant such a stupid name.. lol..jk no offense to Indian, but they are so creative with names.. so we went there and it was packed with Japanese people but we decided to stay nonetheless since I desperately wanted some RICE (which, funny enough, I rarely eat at home). So we went and had dinner there.. and when it came time to pay the bill, the waiter came and handed the bill to my bro coz hes the one that told him we want it, and my bro pointed at me, hes like ‘give it to her’. And he gave it to me (I have all the money you see) and a couple next to us, looked so shocked, maybe they thought we were a couple or on a date or something, and me and my bro burst out laughing, and then they just smiled at us..

Then I decided I wanted something sweet (I didn’t even touch my dinner except for spoonfuls of rice, don’t know whats up with me, and my bro keeps calling me a mouse, he says you eat like a mouse coz I cant even finish a burger). Since we couldn’t find any ice-cream (I know its freezing, 3 degrees actually, but were crazy) or doughnut places, we decided our best bet was McDonalds for some hot apple pie.. we got some and on the way back to the hotel I taught my bro some Japanese, and then every time someone passed us he would say it in a weird accent LOL and they turn around and look at him LOL not in a bad way.. we just got back, got milk on the way, and now im enjoying a cup of tea (brought my own teabags ;) ) with my pie..

PS we noticed something about restaurants here, their napkins are almost plastic, they are so glossy and they’re not like tissues, almost like paper.. they don’t wipe a thing.. if you try to wipe water for example, it wont absorb it.. my bro says probably coz its been recycled so much or something..

I’ll try to upload pix later..

Hope your all doing fine and enjoying your holiday. Miss you all..TC

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FeFe said...

Arigatou for the mentioning dear =) am so excietd to see you too+)

its weird that you dont eat!! i hope your health is ok at least?!

as for the napkins, its weird too but as u mentioned may its because of recycling..they care about the environment a lot

Ja ne dear:)