Thursday, 10 January 2008

Last post before i leave

Everythings packed and im ready to go except the laptop, and its getting on my nerves so im writing this now so i can finally pack it away!

I tried to sleep-in today but couldn't coz i was too cold.. then decided to head into town with mum and see my baby-had to say goodbye-. shes about to start walking, and im sure its going to happen when im away.. too bad..

I want to try and sleep now coz i wont be sleeping at all tonight, and by the time we get to japan it will be tomorrow night there.. i doubt i'll be able to, but i'll try..

i'm dreading the train system in Japan already, they say it fine when its not the rush hours but we're arriving on friday night, so just before the weekend when 'EVERYONE and their dog' are out! (thats a saying incase you didnt know ;) ).. so that should be fun *NOT*..

Wish me luck, i hope all goes well..

Love you all.. Take care everyone, i'll try to update from there.. see you all in 2 weeks..


pinkish-heart said...

omg , the stupid kitten deleted everything I just wrote..

I went to the other room to talk to you on your mobile and when I came back he was laying on the keybaord and my reply was deleted (he closed this window). I don't know how he managed.

I was writing a hope list lol
I can't remember everything now but I'll try.

- I hope: You enjoy every second in Japan and have a memorable time there

- I hope: You won't have any trouble .

- I hope: You didn't forget anything.

- I hope: You get great seats in the plane (By the window ) =3 & hope you won't get bored during the flight ( I know you won't for the most of it =P)

- I hope: You eat will and take care of your health there. We don't want you to stay in bed when you are supposed to have fun.

- I hope: You take lots & lots of pictures

- I hope: You get to go to every place you planned visit.

- I hope: you meet new Japanese friends

- I hope: You like the INN.

- I hope: You won't have trouble communicating.

- I hope: you learn a lot of things and improve your Japanese.

- I hope: You won't get disappointed in any way.

- I hope: you're not getting bored from reading this =P

- I hope: You get the chance to read my post before you come back here loool.

Love you

FeFe said...

hi there:)
Hope everything go easy and the way you like..

have a safe flight and kyo tsukite my rose..

Looking forward to reading your posts from there

LUV U Fefe :-*

reemy-chan said...

Hi Ima-chan ..

As usual, I come late >_> .. Anyway I hope you have fun there.. cu sweety