Saturday, 19 January 2008

Japan Day 7

Yesterday, my bro got up at 12 and we left to odaiba at 1. To get to odaiba you cant go by normal trains, you have to go on the yurikamome, which is an elevated train that drives on its on, no one drives it. Its really nice coz you get to see lots of nice views. We went to a place called Becks beach, which is a huge shopping complex, and the outside is all wooden decks with a view of the sea.. really nice.. anyway, we went to joypolis first which is a sega indoor theme park, it was ok, nothing fantastic, I enjoyed the haunted house the most and kept screaming without was fun but my bro wanted to leave so we didn’t stay that long. Then we went to a place called mediage right next to it which is a mall too and found a nice Italian restaurant and had lunch there.. after that my bro wanted to go akihabara again to see some engine for cars, not real cars, little remote control ones, but not the toy ones, the ones guys buy that use airplane fuel.. after that we went to McDoanlds and picked up some pie on our way back..

Not a very long day..

PS I don’t know what it is with eating, I just don’t get hungry.. everyday I only have one meal and even when I do im not really hungry I just eat coz my bro wants to.. its weird.. I should stay here maybe I’d lose some weight..

Fefechan is now on her way here I guess, I hope she arrives safely.. Can’t wait to meet her.. I hope you like it here as much as I do.. and omdedetou on finally fulfilling one of your dreams too ;)

Tomorrow we’re going by the shinkansen (bullet train) to takayama, I think it takes 2 hours and half or something.. we’re going to see the SNOW! Then we’re spending the night at a ryokan (which I hope will be nice) that has a private hot bath (onsen) in the room.. then the next morning we’re coming back here to the same hotel..

I still haven’t planned anything for today (except for going and reserving the shinkansen seats), I have to check my papers and see where we can go.. it’s a weekend so everywheres going to be heaving with people..

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FeFe said...

Hey ima..the SEGA theme part was ok..did you try the spinning coaster?

i remember seeing the haunted house but we didnt go inside..we had to leave since we were to go on the wheel..

did you try the hot bath or onsen? you didnt mention anything about it in your later posts?

PS: thanks for the mention..TC