Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Random photos from all the past days

Hey everyone, please let me know what kind of pix u want to see.. more people? more weird stuff? what exactly?
Cant believe fefechan will come! YAY!

A lot of people use bikes, you see bikes everywhere, and most of the time they dont even lock them up they just leave them there, i guess coz the crime rate is so low..
Two other japanese teenagers, as you can see one has a mask, and the man behind him too, anyone whose sick wears these so they dont make other people sick, how considerate of them! i wouldnt do that! LOL
Vending machines everywhere, how much can these people drink!
Pachinko parlour

1 comment:

FeFe said...

what is pachinko?

and you are right..vending machines are subways, streets, near malls and museums, and even at the airports!!