Tuesday, 22 January 2008

day 9 photos

This is the ice cream i had, ive seen it on TV so i bought it, its a thin layer of stretchy mochi and then ice cream, it was yummy.. but ice cream when its snowing is not a good idea although the Japanese do it all the time.. when its freezing outside you find them ecting ice cream..This is a tiny snowman we found.. we tried to make one but without gloves its was so hard..
This is the hida no sato, noticed the frozen lake.. so cool

All the other photos are either snow photos or movies.. so thats all your getting for now..

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FeFe said...

the ice cream looks yummy really;)..i also noticed that about Japanese ( in tv and real: they eat ice cream and have cold drinks when its freexing cold outside

nice snowman LOL..you showed me the snow pix while we were heading to Disney;)..its hard to toucj the snow without gloves..i couldnt even make a round ball..it hurt hehe

sry again for the late comment

TC Dear