Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Japan day 4

Today we had to get up ealry since check out is at 10 and we wanted to leave before. We came to the hotel we’re in now not knowing if our booking had actually gone through, but thank god it had. What a huge change this place is from the ryokan we were in last night, my bro keeps saying its all my faults coz I wanted to stay in the Japanese inns, hes like ‘it would’ve been better if we’d just come here from the beginning’.. but im glad we went to a Japanese inn, the first one was actually quite decent, not up to my expectations but it was ok.. at least I got to experience that, and now im glad im back in a normal hotel with all its modern luxuries.. the hotel is right across tokyo tower, I’ll post a pic, its right outside our window.. sweet! So we went to Tokyo tower to the top observatory, it’s a really nice view (I took a pix of students playing sports at a school ;) ) then we went for lunch there, McDonald’s again.. lol.. the japanese have a very complicated rubbish-throwing technique! And its written in Japanese so I really have no idea what it is.. I think you throw all food in one rubbish bin, staws and cups in another, but after pouring your drink down a drain.. something like that.. anyways, I went to throw the drinks and I saw a bin with a drinks sign on it so I just threw it in, and a Japanese guy sitting close by shook his head ‘no’ and say tch tch tch.. lol.. I was so embaressed but I didn’t know what to do.. anyways, then we went to the many shops they have there in the Tokyo tower building, all full of omiyage kind of thing, (souvineers) so I bought loads of stuff from there.. then we went to the conbini that’s in the hotel, everything is so much more expensive than a normal conbini, but we bought loads of things anyways, sweets and drinks and stuff.. now im settling down for a hot cup of tea, except we don’t have milk so I sent my bro down to get some.. its so cold.. but I like it.. its 4 oclock now, and im thinking of going to harajuku theres a bookstore I want to go to..

PS fefechan, I found a place in Tokyo tower complex that sells all celebritiy things, but they have everyone except yamapi.. I only found a yamapi keyring which I got for both of us.. but I’ll go back and see again.. they had lots of kazuya kamenashi stuff which I got for myself, already put some of the dangly things on my bag.. im turning Japanese, trying to put as much dangly things as possible on my bag lol..

PPS when we were buying the celebrity stuff, my bro was eating m&ms that he got from a hello kitty machine, you put a cup and then put 100 yen and you get m&ms in a the cute cups.. he had it and the old lady selling told him oishii ne? and he just smiled, then she told the other ‘mite okashi’ (look sweets) and she looked at the hello kitty cup in his hands and started laughing, she was like kawaii kawaii LOL and I was translationg for my bro who says shes just jealous coz she doesn’t have teeth to eat the m&ms.. LOL

Bbye, I’ll add photos as soon as I can


Bash said...

You know I agree with you. It's a good thing you stayed in the Inn for a couple of days. It's all about experience. I would do the same even if it was for only one day. It's nice to try new things.

Glad you liked the hotel and the view =P

Noo , don't say McDonalds again -_-
I'll kill you =P ..

looooooooooooooooool , If it was me I don't think I'll even figure out that each bin is for a different thing =P

a Japanese guy sitting close by shook his head ‘no’ and say tch tch
So that's today's funny scene =P
I can here his sound =P

He he, now I really want to know what you did wrong

The hello ketty cup scene is funny too =P

Moving on to the next post

FeFe said...

hey sweetie..just as Bash said " It's a good thing you stayed in the Inn for a couple of days. It's all about experience".. i guess you want to know and experience everthing japanses ne..thanks for the keyring dear =) am keeping my comments short LOL but i just want to say that i enjoy reading your posts coz u mention a lot of different interesting incidents..

Take Care dear:-*