Saturday, 5 January 2008

The beach again! and sleepovers..

5 more days till I go to japan!

Yesterday, as I said, we had people over. Maire-sensei’s little baby girl is such an angel ;) It was a looong day, but just before my mum’s friend A left our house we decided to go to the beach again the next day, today, and for some crazy reason, her kids really love us girls and love to come to our house although theres such a huge age gap between us. Anyways, so A suggested we girls go and sleep over (since her husband is away) and then head out to the beach early, and my mum and nana would come a bit later. Which is such a totally crazy suggestion! But since my dad is away too and I guess coz my mum wanted some peace and quiet she said ok! We were shocked but went anyways..

It was weird sleeping over at their house, we stayed up late eating junk and watching a movie.. I couldn’t sleep coz there was a fish tank in the room and the filter for the tank makes a buzzing noise LOL and by 7:30 all 4 kids were in the room jumping on top of us to wake up.. then we went and helped cook breakfast LOOOL(US! IN A KITECHEN! LOL) thank god everyone seems fine after having breakfast, and by 9:30 we were off the boat and on a DESERTED island. LOL. It was very cloudy and overcast, and no one was crazy enough to be at the beach, I think it was 12 degrees or something. As soon as we set foot on the island we were freezing cold. No one was there, so we could’ve swam but it was bloody freezing! So the kids played with the sand instead while we huddled up in towels coz we didn’t have anything else to stay warm with. Anyway, 3 and a half hours later the sun came out and it was wonderful! I only just realized as I passes the mirror that my face is sunburnt! LOL its EXTREMELY pink.. hope it goes down a bit in a day or two.. didn’t realize I could get sunburt as I don’t have that kind of skin.. anyways.. then I went to the travel agents and got the tickets I didn’t get before, and the Japanese guy was really cool and helpful, turned out to be my age.. random thought lol

What else? I studied for my exam today and worked on a project so tomorrow I can go shopping with my brother.. hope we find everything he needs..

PS my friend E had a baby girl who has the same name as me! YAY! Im so busy but I must try to go see her, maybe tomorrow if I find time!

When is the sun coming out? Its so cold and i want to swim!Sand, sand, and more sand.. its fun isn't it? and yummy too -she was eating all the sand :/

That’s all for now. Cheers

PPS this is a song from our childhood that my sis sent me, do u guys know it? it was so famous once...


FeFe said...

Konnichiwa..yay 5 more days to go ne =) or shall i say 4 more days coz am posting past 12 LOL inshallah it will turn out to me one of ur ever greates holidy =)

it was cool that you went to your mum's friend's house for a sleep over since its smth unusual i guess ( u know the family rules)

you should have taken sweaters or smth to warm urself up..u know its cold and at the sea its much colder

those pix are really nice LOL very cute little girls

i didnt know that E had a baby already.. it turned out that my sis meme knew already..guess am living in my own world!! anyhow congratulations!

enjoy shopping tomorrow with your bro and i hope you have time to visit E

PS: i remember the song too..i used to listen to it hehe


Bash said...

I'm so excited for you ..
l enjoyed talking to you on the msn the other day .. We don't talk much these days. It was fun =]

Glad you had fun , sorry I didn't come the other day.

Oh , the beach .. I have to go there before it gets very famous. I love the beach but I don't like it when it's crowded. I'll get the directions from your mom later =P

"Sand, sand, and more sand.. its fun isn't it? and yummy too -she was eating all the sand :/"
looooooooooool ..

I loved the 1st pic. Really nice.

Oh that song. I used to love it once upon a time =P.

See you
& Hope you did well in your Finance Exam

Ima-chan said...

Fefe-chan: I'm sure it will be the greatest holiday ever so far, ive never wanted to visit a country so much ;) Oh i though u knew that E had a baby, anyways, u know now LOL

Bash: Yeah talking about our weird likes was fun yeah? LOL
Yeah u better go there soon before everyone discovers it, the weekend after i come back we can go together ;)

U both knew the song, cool, did it bring back memories? LOL TC all

Reemy-chan said...

yaaaaaay .. i think you enjoyed ur time ^^.. i should tell my mum to take us to the island

btw .. nice pix .. :D .. love it

Abbra said...

People should read this.