Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Day 4 photos

A new place, yay!

part of the new hotel room, theres luggge everywhere else so i couldnt take photos, you cant really tell from the pic but its really nice..
kazuya kamenashi phone strap thingy.. wish i had found a yamapi one too..
japanese coke
Fanta orange, funky curvy bottle, strawberry pocky, meiji yummy white chocolate, and e-ma chewies (gackt advertises it thats why i bought it)
This is the m&ms machine i was talking about, notice the cute cup.. now imagine my bro walking with that in his hand.. lol
cute hello kitty shop, i hate hello kitty or i wouldve spent so much there..
A pic of tokyo tower out of our room window..

a pic of the old ryokan, bash asked for it.. here it is.. lol dont ask what the whole in the duvet is, i have no idea, but all ryokans are like that.. buts its really comfy..


Bash said...

It looks nice =3

It's thinner just like Japanese Ppl =P

aaaaaaaaaaaaawww, Kawaiiiiii
I love there machines <3
everything looks cute

aaaaaaahh , Looks like a great shop.. =3

lol ,, I really wanted to see where you're staying in Japan =P

Looks comfy to me,, It's not weird.

aww you reminded me of many anime shows starting with Maroco =P

Don't stop sharing , we won't stop caring =P

See you & Take care
Hope you have a wonderful day 5 <3


FeFe said...

Hi sweetie..cool pix wallah..the curvy bottle is funny and i never expected tokyo tower to be orange in colour!! strange LOL i like the futon thingy it seems comfortable

keep it up deae..bbye