Friday, 1 February 2008

Quick Update

Despite the disappointing lack of comments, it seems at least one person has read my last post. YAY! LOL Bash, ra ra ra ray..ra ra ra ray..

Fefechan has just left one a 2 day trip (i think).. hope you have a good time :)

I attempted to cook something today, bad idea LOL not really cook.. i've just been watching too much of Ramsay's kitchen nightmares, and i fancied soup after seeing it on the show and decided to make my own concoction.. spicy lemony avocado soup.. it looked lovely but didnt taste that good.. i think i went overboard with the lemon.. killed all the other flavors..

been watching the reality show, kid nation, so far so good.. its about 40 kids having to live alone in an old abandoned city in the middle of nowhere with no adults. and they have to operate their town, cook, wash, sell..etc.. its interesting..

I've also been reading some gackto interviews, if your a gackt fan you know how entertaining they are.. LOL.. he is so funny and crazy.. also listening to his CD that i picked up in Japan.. i know most of his songs by heart.. so its nice to listen to something new, although they all seem to be GUNDAM songs.. good stuff anyways..

I'm really frustrated.. i dont know where to go with my japanese studies now.. i've finished my JAPANESE FOR BUSY PEOPLE book a while back.. i know all the grammar and stuff.. dont know where to go now.. i have lots of Japanese learning books and CDs but i just dont know where to start..

im off to watch kid nation now..


FeFe said...

Hi there sweetie..dont be dissappointed..ill always comment on your posts ( its just that my time at Japas was limited that i couldnt comment and this other trip came up LOL) back now el7emdellah:)

i dont think trying to cook is a bad idea LOL its good because its something you dont do breaking the routines is a good thing to do BUT i HATE soup, i cant even stand the smell of any soup..i also hate avocado..most of the people i know like it but i really dont..hehe i dont know why i mentioned this LOL

the kid nation prog seems interesting!!

Are you listening to GUNDAM's songs? i have a good collection of that anime's songs and it seems that Gackt is your always favorite LOL and he is crazy, especially in that interview you showed me before, do you remember?

i have been thinking about studying Japansese while being in Qatar ..must come up with a plan and must stick to it but i cant think right now..will see

TC..LUve you

Bash said...

Where's my comment *grumpy*
I commented 2 days ago and it was a very long one =[