Thursday, 21 February 2008

Bottom-biting bug, a Japanese phenomenon

I know not all of you are into everything Japanese like I am. And so you're probably unaware of many funny things in the Japanese media. So I'm thinking of blogging about some of those interesting things that I know about.

Today it’s the 'Oshiri Kajiri Mushi', the bottom biting bug. This is a short animated song that was featured on the popular show, minna no uta on NHK. Its about a bug that likes to bite dispirited people's bottoms to rejuvenate them and encourage them to interact more with one another. The song with its very catchy lyrics and music even made it to the top 10 singles chart in Japan. Theres still a big hype about this cute bug with catchy lyrics even thought its been out for quite some time.

Personally I saw it on youtube in the summer and didn’t make much of it, but after finding out what a sensation it has been I went back to see it again but still didn’t like it. You can check it out for yourself and see what you think. Of course when I was in Japan there was Oshiri Kajiri Mushi merchandize everywhere! I have to admit, the song kind of grows on you but..


FeFe said...

LOL Interesting post dear..the Japanese will never stop amuzing me..PS: they are so into animation stuff but its cool

to be frank, i didnt like the song but maybe ill like if i listen to it more often..

however, the idea beind such song and lyrics is get people to interact more is something nice..i think its becoz they are so working-hard people who care a lot about their jobs..they are really serious about their work ne

TC dear

Ima-chan said...

Yeah i think the creator's purpose was good.. but its weird how this became such a big thing in Japan, not just among kids but adults too.. can you imagine if the same was shown here? LOL it would be a completely differnt story..

thanks for commenting..
PS 15 minutes till i can leave, cant wait! they didnt give me anything to do today either..

Bash said...

My comment is gone .. I hate blogger

Gonna comment again later ..

FeFe said...

i cant imagine if the same thing is aired here lol !!! they are only good at critisizing and not looking at the good side of it..


Bash said...

I don't remember what I've said before but It was really long ..

well .. those bugs are kinnda cute and the idea is funny but silly ..

I agree .. I think it's one of those songs that grows on you but still it doesn't deserve to be in
the top chart ..

Thanks for the interesting info ..

Haruhi said...

*cracking up*
weird idea... how did they come up with it! and the bug, well, i find it ugly *giggle*
Japanese media is full of comedy, i once thought they never had but comedy in their media..
arigatou ima chan