Friday, 8 February 2008

mish mash

Hiya everyone..

i have so much to say but whats on my mind right now is "BLOGGER SUCKS!"! its driving me insane.. it wont let me log in and keeps turning into some strange language, Hebrew i think, and lets me comment on other blogs but not on comments on my blog.. its just being totally weird..

anyways.. for some reason i've been thinking that the Japanese classes are ending, so when i was in Japan i thought they had had the last class.. the week i came back it turned out classes were not over yet, but unfortunately i found that out a bit too late so i couldn't go.. and for some other reason i put it in my mind that THAT was the last class.. so this week fefe-chan asks me 'are you coming to class this week?' and im like 'we still have class!' LOL i dont know why i kept thinking its over.. and my mum was going out to dinner so it was too late to go.. so then im like.. 'great! ive missed the last class'.. then fefechan sent me a message saying it wasnt the last class.. i was like 'WTH'.. anyways, thanks fefechan, atleast now i know so i can attend next class (which probably IS the last class).. i've missed my japanese classes..

Off Japanese, now i'd like to welcome a new friend, Camilia! Welcome aboard LOL thanks for the advice and i'll be posting more Japan pix soon, so i hope you like them..

We've had people over all day so im so exhausted now.. oh, i remembered the stupidest thing that happened today.. I was watching this little girl riding a little horse (toy one LOL) and she fell and i wanted to stop her crying.. we were outside and i was like , i know what, i'll open the big freezer (its a large one that stands up like a fridge not one that shorizontal 'this is important to know so you dont think im even stupider when you know the story') and i just wanted her to feel the cool air and stop crying, and it worked! but somehow, i was talking and my tongue touched one of the metal shelves, and you know how when metals is so cold it gets a layer if you put your finger it would probably peel the skin off, well my tongue touched it and the tip of my tongue stuck to it and i had to pull hard and obviously started bleeding LOL there was so much blood when i walked in the house everyone was like 'bloody hell whats happened?'. Who could get their tongue stuck in the freezer? LOL i seriously dont know how it happened but at least it occupied the little girl so she didn't cry..

Tomorrow im going out with bash to the cinema at 10 in the morning LOL.. shes been wanting to go to the gold class cinema but they always have boring movies, and they have cloverfield on tomorrow so we're going.. she says shes treating me coz i came from Japan (she hasn't even visited since i came back, i told you bash im throwing your presents away!).. and we might have lunch too, and then (if she remembers) shes bringing her wii over and we'll have loads of fun..we havnt been out together for a its a nice change..

I had to go to an interview yesterday, for the internship.. the HR manager was supposed to interview me but (thank god) he had some urgent matter to attend to and had to leave.. so instead i got interviewed by 4 girls, about the same age as me, so it was really casual and i did just fine.. they've already accepted me there so i have no idea why they interviewed me but what the hell.. Oh, and my dad got a new car and i now have his.. (not that i will be using it much, just to work and back)..

Reemy-chan.. i miss you loads and cant wait to hear about you adventures ;)

Fefechan, miss you too lots and lots just like jelly tots ;P

Thats all for now i guess.. i want to upload photos but it takes forever.. i'll try to upload them later or tomorrow..

PS my uncle and his family are coming next week.. can't wait to see my little cousins.. one of them whose 2 i've never met, the 7 year old i met when he was 1.. so long ago..


FeFe said...

i guess u included different stories here LOL

the blogger story is strange really..i hope it doesnt happen again..

and the Japanese's class story is strager i guess..where the hell did you get the idea of the" last class" from?!! LOL i laughed when i read ur text msg;)

then the tounge story shouldnt share such story!! JK but my faced expression changed as i read throught it sorry to must been so painful :(

PS: i hope you enjoy ur time tomorrow with Bash :) & with ur cousings next week when they come..

TC Deam..missed reading ur posts;)

Bash said...

lool ,, yeah blogger can be stupid sometimes .. When are you going to use your new domain ? Oh God please let the new design be PINK =P

The Tongue story is disgusting .. You know me and my imagination.. When you told me about it I pictured the whole scene .. eww and aww ..

I was thinking poor her what would I do if I were in her place O_o

The Japanese classes thing is funny ,, Hope you enjoy your last class ..

Our plans went well .. I enjoyed it really .. Thanks for coming with me.. I'm sorry we didn't get the chance to play the WII ..

I'm going to read your next post now..