Monday, 18 February 2008

Work? What work?

Fefechan told me to update so i will although i dont have much to say really..

Since my uncle john and his family arrived i havnt had a minute to myself, im always sitting with them or wtching the kids or something. So although everyone's going to the Global Village today, i decided to stay home to have some time to myself..
The internship has been very unorganized and unprofessional, much to my disappointment. The first day was really awful, they made me call parents to tell them to come and pay the rest of their kids' school fees. I was telling myself, this is not accounting work why am i doing it? Anyways, today was much better, they moved me to another office and i wrote cheque forms and deposit slips and sorted things out, as well as working on their 25-year old system that they told me is not even used anywhere else.

I think our uni has really got a long way to go to make these internships useful, everyone says they don't really get any experience that they can use elsewhere. I definitely wont, their system is not even in English! and everything is just so old and not up to date.. it turns out the branch im at doesn't even have an accountant.. So far, ive seen so many violations of accounting rules, like the person who receives the money is the one who deposits it at the banks and also does all the deposit slip..their is no segregation of duties.. *sorry for all the accounting stuff, its just getting on my nerves*. This girl i was observing the other day takes money and cheques from parents and then just leaves the office and leaves them there on her desk! and we're talking about quite large amounts here.. So although i got to do some work today, it just wasn't enough and i spent about 2:30 hours doing nothing except doodling on my note papers and writing 'i heart japan' over and over again.. and practicing my hiragana.. im definitely taking my Japanese book with me tomorrow..

WOW lots of boring talk.. sorry to bore you.. you can see i love accounting ;)

So bash is coming over now for a bit since im home alone.. so got to go.. i'll try to update with something a bit more interesting later or tomorrow..

Cheers everyone


FeFe said...

sorry to hear that about ur experience but what think that if there is something to learn from such experience, its going to be trying your best not to become like'll get used to it there by time..last semester when i got to visit a school and teach, it took me two weeks to get used to the staff there..anyhow wish you all the best..its not that you have a choice

Enjoy ur time with bash =) Take care

Ima-chan said...

Thanks dear.. yes i guess i can get something positive out of this experience, not to become like them..


Bash said...

why do you keep saying that your posts are boring .. They're not..
You should leave the Judging part to us =P

I hate it when they give me call lists .. It's so boring and tiring .. Hope it's the last time..

It was fun coming over ..
Thanks for having me ..

Ima-chan said...

no prob bash, your always welcome at ours ;)
ok i'll let you judge for yourself..

im coutning the seconds, only a few more till i can leave..