Friday, 15 February 2008

Snippets from my 'little book of hope'

Ohayou minna! genki?

I'm doing just fine, sorry i made everyone worry..

I have this little book called 'the little book of hope', its really inspiring.. anyways, i decided to share some of things in there with you guys..

When you no longer worry about the future, and no longer have regrets about the past, you exist purely in the moment. If you concentrate on that moment you instinctively know that as long as you have life you have hope. Enjoy the moment. Breath Easily. Relax.

Some people believe hope is nothing more than an expectation of certain outcomes. It is more than this. Hope is a real commitment to positive behavior and attitudes. In other words, hope is active, not passive. Make this commitment and life starts to look rosier.

Whatever your role, you have within yourself the ability to encourage and inspire others to achieve greater things. There is a dual benefit to this. The first is that someone else will go on to achieve something of worth. The second is that you will be encouraged and inspired yourself.

All great achievements and success in life, and all changes for the better, have one powerful characteristic in common: the first step. Take the first step, and the journey has a way of taking care of itself.



FeFe said...

thanks for sharing what you know..yesterday, i couldnt sleep, so i decided to read the book " Life lessons" and thought of making today a post related to what i read but i wont anymore:p LOL am nt copying you;)..maybe ill write a short note then..

ok i just want to comment on the WHILE YOU HAVE BREATH, YOU HAVE HOPE part..its something similar to what i read yesterday..the auther was saying that we dont live the moment or the present time becoz we concentrate on the past and not anything from the past, we concentrate on the pain..we also tend not to live the future becoz we draw an ideal future for ourselves or a future that is all bright and when the futur comes and it is not as exactly as the image we created, we feels sad and not enjoy life..

this is what i understood from reading and i think the author is totally right..TC:)

Ima-chan said...

cool.. seems like a good book.. and i agree with the author, that is SO true..
write a post about it if you want, LOL, im not gonna say you copied me ;)

Bash said...

I'm glad you're feeling better..
Wow nice points, I liked them,,
Thanks for sharing