Saturday, 16 February 2008

My little cousins

My uncle and his family arrived safely last night and its been so much fun. The kids are so energetic and playful, its fun.

Oliver and Daniel playing with their cars. Oliver is the tallest and skiniest 8 year old ive ever seen. Hes really shy and quite but so cute ;)

Daniel playing with his truck looking like an angel. Despite his angelic looks, Hes so naughty and never sits down even though his arm is broken and in a cast ;)


FeFe said...

cool pix and the kids are cute;)

enjoy your time with your cousins;)


Bash said...

Mashalla they look so cuute ,,
Specially Daniel in the 2nd pic ,
Looking like an angel Just like you said..

Take pix whenever you can and share them with us ,, it's nice and fun to see them ,,

Tell them I said Hi =P
Take Care Imooty

Ima-chan said...

its so much fun having the kids around, and they have the cutest accents ;)

reemy-chan said...

:D they r cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute .. mashallah ..

enjoy ur time Ima with them ^^..

btw nice pix ima :D ..