Wednesday, 13 February 2008

feeling down

I havn't felt this down for months :(


Bash said...

oh .. why are you sad ? =[
Hope you feel better ..

Whatever it is , life is not worth it. Hope everything goes well and hope that you love and enjoy your job.

Take Care

reemy-chan said...

what happened siso :S :S ??

FeFe said...

doshitano rose? feeling down!!! just as Bash said: " whatever it is, life isnt worth it"..we all have ups and downs..anata no kimochi wakaru dont have to be in pain alone..if there is anything we can do anything sis, you know that you can count on us ( bash, reemy-chan, and myself)

oyasumi sweatheart and I hope you'll feel better by tomorrow

Ima-chan said...

thanks everyone.. i took your advice.. life isn't worth it.. im fine now ^^

Bash said...

Good =D
I was worried about you..

Ima-chan said...