Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Bits and pieces

Work was so much better today. I actually worked from 8 to 2 nonstop. I dont know if they get a break or not, but i didnt stop coz noone told me to. Finally, i was given a tour of the place and they're finally giving me my own desk tomorrow. They actually put me in charge of the 'petty cash' account on top of doing other things, so tomorrow their giving me all the money and bills and stuff and people will have to come to me if they need money for anything. I'm glad about that coz the first day they were afraid to give me anything, i guess they didnt know if they could trust me LOL but today alone, as my supervisor told me, i finished almost 2 weeks worth of stuff, she was really happy.. me too, i didnt want to sit and do nothing so as soon as i finished something i'd tell her, ok what can i do now? and she'd laugh and give me something to do.. Oh and i had fun playing with their coin-counting machine ;)

My uncle and his family have just left to go on a desert safari, lucky buggers ;) My mum booked them for it without them knowing so they were very excited when they heard about it ^^ i hope they like it.. im sure they will. im jealous, they're going to ride dune buggies, camels (not so jealous of that), and do alot of other things that i read on the brochure but can't remember now.

Yesterday bash was over and just before she left for some reason we started talking about people braking in and stuff so i got scared since i was home alone.. after she went i locked all the doors and wanted to sleep but was too afraid to turn all the light off, in the end i slept with the lights on LOL but then my family came back so i had to go and open the door anyways since no one remembered to take the house key.

My bro drove me to work today since my car is in for servicing, at 7 o'clock in the morning when its so busy coz everyone's going to work and it was foggy, he drove at 180 and sometimes 200 kilometers per hour. When we got into town, he still didn't slow down very much.. I don't like him to drive me anywhere, its so scary you have to hold on to your seat so you don't fly out..

Tomorrow i have a Japanese class, so finally i'll get to see fefechan. Its been soooo long, since we were in japan actually.. Can't wait!

I guess thats all, i promised an interesting post but unfortunately i dont really have anything interesting to say..

Enjoy the rest of your day everyone!


reemy-chan said...

1st comments :| .. lol ..

glade to hear that you r enjoying ur job ^^.. am really happy to here that :D .. work hard Ima :D ..

waaaw nice surprise wallah .. i want to go .. Can I ?? :P ..lol i tried once to ride a camel when i was 8 or 9 old .. :S :S & i don't think that i will ride it again lool .. enshallah your uncle and his family will enjoy it =D ..

lool poor you ima ..

i hope that you enjoy ur class and ur time with fefe-chan ^^..

tc =)

FeFe said...

el7emdellah...you started to like you work placement place..yokatta ne =)yay for having your own desk;) Ganbatte!

hope ur unlce and his family
enjoy their time...going on a desert safari is so much fun:)

see you tomorrow..cant wait to see you=) love u and take care

Bash said...
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Bash said...

I was so excited and happy for you when I read this post .. Then I saw your msg and I felt sorry again ..

Hope the rest of your time there can be like this day..

Regarding the talk we had the other day .. How did it start ? loool

I think it was when we heard the weird noise ..

That day I slept around 11:45 even though I left at 10 so I can sleep..It was because I kept waiting for my mum -__-

I was so annoyed

Ima-chan said...

LOL @ bash, i dont remember how it started.. yeah i guess we must've heard something..
sorry to hear ur mum kept you waiting.. i know u were as tired as me..