Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Excerpts from old stories i wrote

Konbanwa minna, genki?

Today i decided to put up excerpts of stuff i wrote a LONG time ago. These are from different stories i would start writing and never complete, something that really annoyed my sisters coz they loved it when i read every chapter to them.. but then i'd stop and start on something else.. LOL.. and they'd get angry.. I guess, despite all my effort, i just was never meant to be a writer.. I used to love writing.. adored it.. whenever i read something i'd get the urge to write.. but i guess my muse wasnt doing a very good job, LOL, coz i never got far..

Ok so i'll leave you with some excerpts im copying off of yellowing paper from about 8 year old notepads..

Excerpt from 'Cold people, Cold world' by 15 year old Ima ^^ The story starts with this girl crying in the woods, shes depressed and given up on life..

"I close my eyes, only for a second but to me it seems like eternity. I close my eyes because theres nothing worth watching. As i close my eyes, tears escape them and trickle down my face. When they reach my lips they are warm no more. I close my eyes because all i see is lies. I close my eyes because the people around me are only devils in disguise. I close my eyes for there is no warmth in this world... i wish time could stop, stop the sickening race.."

Excerpt from 'Endless Guilt' by 14 year old Ima. This was a very disturbing story about a teenager who kills himself because he feels so guilty about his father's death, but it turns out he wasn't to blame. I wrote it in flashbacks, with him shooting himself as the beginning of the story. ^^ LOL i have no idea where the idea for this crazy story came from.

"He stood there hearing the faraway sounds of the school chorus practicing for the upcoming homecoming party. A whistle from the playground shrilled thought the open corridor. And louder than anything, the roar of voices from the busy school canteen. Suddenly, it all stopped. Suddenly, all sound died. The only sound he could hear was his mother's loud sobbing and mournful voice "please dont, Derek, please leave her alone. Shes only a baby. Oh no.. Derek.. Derek". Then, as quick as the sound popped into his head, it vanished. It stopped. and he was thankful for that. He was trembling, his legs couldn't left him anymore, he dropped to the floor...."

Im getting tired of this LOL.. reading the stories, just bits and pieces, they're so lame.. Theres one good one but i cant find it anywhere.. i'll have to look more.. I have the first 2 sentences LOL i started writing in the same notepad as the other stories, wrote 2 sentences then decided i'd write it in another one. This is all i've got.

"A soft melody hung about in the air. It seemed as though it did not have an exact tune" LOL thats all..

anyways, i have so many more i wrote and its cracking me up reading them.. my 'former self' was so ambitious lol yet lacked talent.. poor girl.. so glad i grew out of it, writing i mean.. i dont like writing anymore, i'd rather read.. oh that reminds me, i need some new books to read.. just read the last one i picked up, and cried all the way through it LOL..

Ok thats it for now.. oyasumi minna ^^


FeFe said...

nice post dear:) why are you saying you are not good at writing?!! you are good & thats what i always thought when had English 1 and English 3 courses together..you have the talent really..( am not saying that becoz you're my friend..you have got to believe..)

ps: why those stories that you wrote are all sad?!! maybe the ' Cold people, Cold world' one would have a happy ending? that's something we cant figure out since you havent completed it LOL

to think of it, you wrote these 8 years ago which is great..for me, i havent written anything long before joining university..the longest thing i think never exceeded 20 lines LOL

dear..whenever i go to a bookstore, i remember you hehe i know you love reading a lot..well you have to start reading from now before you get busy with internshio & capstone..

Wish u all the best..Miss u
Tace Care:-*

Ima-chan said...

Thanks for your kind dear ;) yeah i was wondering too, why are they all sad LOL but i did have other ones which were not sad at all..
only 3 days till i start my internship, so not really much time.. but im sure i'll be reading even when i have my internship and capstone LOL nothing can keep me from reading..

Ok well im going to uni now so thats all i can say.. thanks.. TC and enjoy your day off =)

Bash said...

Wow ,, I read it at work but didn't get the chance to comment. I told you thousands of times that I think you're talented. I like the way you write even here in your blog. You always write in an interesting way. I just love reading your posts. I also loved those paragraphs you shared. You were 15 when you wrote but it is just so nice. I wish you'd start writing again now. I really want to read one of your latest writings but something you'd actually finish loool. I would buy the 1st book and make you sign it for me =P. Oh maybe I could ask you to also dedicated to Bash looooooooooool

Keep it up ..
Take care dear..

Reemy-chan said...

Ima great writing :D .. Mashallah .. really I enjoyed reading these two paragraphs. Its interesting. As fefe-chan and bash said: you are a great writer. we enjoy reading your posts. We want you to write again and we will support you ^^..

GO IMA GO :D .. ;)

Anonymous said...

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