Friday, 29 February 2008

What a long week!

OK so, so much has happened in the past going to try to make it as short as possible.
Last Friday i woke up feeling sick so just stayed home all day while my mum,nana, sisters, and uncle john and his family went to Mall of the Emirates where Oliver insisted on going skiing, and he did..

On Saturday I started throwing up so my mum took me to the clinic. Later that night nana and uncle John and his family left for London :( I didn't even get to say goodbye propparley since i was sick. Then,Sunday through Thursday i just got sicker everyday and had to be admitted to the ER a couple of times since i was so dehypdrated. Started to feel a bit better on thursday evening and now ive stopped throwing up and i cant be more thankful! It was one of the most terrible weeks of my life and one of the sickest times ive ever been, i'm so glad its over!

As for my internship, by the end of week 1 i had to send a report to my internship supervisor, Kitty, and when she read that i was handling phones and not given work she got upset and sent another professor an email alleging that one of the university's birghtest students is in a very unsuitable workplace and she wants him to find me another place where i can 'realize my potential'. She sounded so serious the poor guy acted so fast and arranged an interview for me for the next day! LOL but i said i couldn't make it as i was in the ER that day and didn't think i'd be well enough to meet her. So on Sunday i have an interview with the HR manager of Deloitte & Touche, which is one of the biggest accounting firms worldwide, so i can guarantee you if i intern there i will be working verrrrrry hard.. wish me luck! So.. i've now missed a whole week of internship! the other place didn't even call to ask where i am! they probably didn't notice LOL.

I'm still very tired and drained.. i actually lost 5 whole kilos from being sick! in any other circumstances i would be thrilled but i wasn't when i knew coz it just so not worth it. I better go have lunch! yay i can finally eat even though its just little bits here and there! 6 days of no eating is not very fun LOL

OK then take care everyone!


FeFe said...

lool my comment has been deleted or smth..i dont know what happened..all i was saying was that am glaad you are all right now and feeling well el7emdellah..

you really made us all worry about u..i i say i didnt miss in those days, i would be lying..

losing 5 kilos is expected ne, especially with what you have been through..i once lost 3 kilos in two days in high school..i had fever n lost my apetite..

Hope you dont go through that again..

TC Rose:-*

Ima-chan said...

i hate it when comments getting deleted, its so frustrating..

anyways, thanks for the comment.. and i hope i dont go through that again for a VERY long time..

TC sweetie pie

Bash said...

We missed you those days..
I'm glad it didn't last longer & Sorry for the really REALLY late comment ( No Laptop =[)