Friday, 15 February 2008

bored out of my bloody mind

I was so bored earlier that i ended up wandering around the house. So i decided to take a photo of what everyone was doing at that time but i got bored of that after two photos lol.

I was reviewing hiragana..

My mum was working on her "jelly bean" puzzle.. shes in love with puzzles.. BORING!

My uncle John and his family will be arriving within 2 hours i think. Can't wait to see my little cousins.. I can't decide on what to wear.. its such a pain.. i've been really into green lately so when i open my cupboards all i see is green.. but im not sick of it yet.. i guess its green today, but which exactly? LOL i have no idea what i'll wear.. better go and decide..

I really don't know where all my day went.. i haven't done much.. listening to gackto and yamapi all day.. Oh well, never mind..

Take care everyone =)


FeFe said...

nice pix;) and your hand-writing of hiragana looks professional..

i was bored too wallah .. dont know whats wrong !! i downloaded stuff from the website that teaches JPN ( u gave me the link before) and thought of printing them and making a file..i can make you a file, too if u want..

green is my favorite color =) i hope your relatives arrive safely and you enjoy your time with them inshallah


Ima-chan said...

professional? MY handwriting? lol u must be kidding ;)

Thanks for the offer.. i have sooo many files filled with papers but i dont really look at them for some reason..

thanks dear =)

Bash said...

I liked the idea of taking pix of what ppl where doing , I wish you continued lol..

I agree with FeFe-chan , You're handwriting looks so cuuute and professional. I love your handwriting in all languages =P .. Really it's so nice and you're too humble to admit it lol ;)

Green was my favorite color for a really long time before pink. I used to love it but now I'm bored of it lol.. I still like it but not as much as PINK..

Hope you enjoy your time with your Uncle and his Family

Take Care

Ima-chan said...

Thanks sweetie for saying my handwriting is good ;)

yeah it would've been interesting to see what everyone else was up to but i really did get bored, maybe another time..

please dont mention pink, your killing me.. everything in ur life is pink!!

We're having a great time =) thanks

reemy-chan said...

nice handwriting and pix siso :D ..

i hope that you will enjoy ur time with them ^^..

cannot wait to read ur adventures with them ..