Friday, 29 February 2008

My new-found clarity LOL

When i first started this blog i promised myself a couple of things, one of them, not to put up any pictures of gackt! This has proven to be extremely hard and im pretty sure i've broken it before, but since i was talking about gackto i thought i might as well add his photo..

The whole 6 days i was sick, laying in my bed with nothing to do, i had the lyrics of one of his songs play over and over again in my head. The first day i was happy enough, but by the 6th i was sick of them! but i just couldn't stop myself recalling them. Interesting enough i couldn't remember the name of the song, and i had no idea what the words i was saying meant. I decided to see what the song was about out of curiosity, heres the translation

"Even now, you’re still by my side
Smiling at me with that sweet smile
When I close my eyes, see, a myriad of season
Quietly envelop me

Nobody knows what’s at the end
Of this long journey
But these uncertain nights will never come again"

Theres this clarity i felt today when i woke up and felt all better again, it really made me think of the important things in my life and what i want, and just really made me want to try my best.. LOL i would say its an appreciation for what i took for granted before, but simply being healthy and being able to stand on my own feet and actually eat all seems so amazing.. i guess this week really took its toll on me but im grateful for how im feeling right now, sometimes you just need something like that to wake you up and let you reevaluate things and put things into perspective. Yoshi! Ganbarimasu!

I'm not making sense am i.. better go get some fresh air..

PS sugar tastes so sweet.. everything tastes so freakin sweet! I hate it!
PPS last week was nana's 74th birthday! Old ne? Then on Saturday we held a suprise birthday party for Oliver who turned 9! My mum just had her birthday yesterday (my little sis was like, wow mum your old, lol, my mum's like,cant you be a bit more diplomatic).. and my little bro has his birthday in 2 days! So many birthdays!


FeFe said...

no, believe me, you are making sense..i know what you are talking about..the thing about appreciation and reevaluating..nice points dear..

ne ne, gacktu kawaii dese ne..he looks innocent in this pic but we all know he is not ;)

wow, so many birthdays took place lol

TC sweetie

Ima-chan said...

hehe do i sense some gackto-fever here? i better not!

Glad that made sense to you, coz when i re-read it, it didnt make much sense to me LOL


Bash said...
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Bash said...

Yeah .. It makes perfect since. (( appreciation ))That's how most people feel when they see how others suffer..

lol ,, Does it still taste so sweet now??