Tuesday, 4 March 2008

This week's headlines

Ima gets no response after interview, should she be worried?
I went to the interview on Sunday, it went really well and the woman said she'd call me later that day but she didn't. Then she didn't call yesterday either! I'm pretty sure they're going to accept me but i really need to start THIS week! I've already lost one week working somewhere else, one week sick, so i need to start this week or im afraid i might be able to graduate in June :( strangely enough, im being very calm about it all.. Oh well, it will work out im sure..

No tea, no life!
I miss tea! Before i got sick i used to drink up to 8 cups of tea a day, im not talking little cups here, actually more like mugs! whenever i did anything i had a cup of tea in my hand.. then when i was sick i couldn't drink anything obviously, and as soon as i was well enough i came to drink a cup of tea and it just tasted so AWFUL! I've tried a couple of times now but it just tastes fowl.. so ive switched to coffee which i don't particularly like anyways, i don't like the smell or the taste, but i need something to drink! I hope i can get back to my tea soon, i miss it! and one or 2 cups of coffee a day are just not doing it for me!

I DO have a life..i think..
I was just reading the latest blog entry in one of my favourite blogs and i realized ive been following this girl's life forever, so i went to her archives to see how long its been, and its been almost 4 years! wow thats a really long time.. do you guys read a lot of blogs? I know i do.. mostly its people living in Japan or related to it someway LOL..

Acting casual
Oh the weirdest thing happened yesterday! I have this girl who i was friends with for a very long time, but somehow she changed and it was hard to be her friend anymore. remember i said something about 'emotionally draining friendships' before, well shes the one.. anyways, so i stopped talking to her after a big fight in April of last year.. she kept trying to get hold of me but i tried my best to keep her out of my life (im not mean, really, but she was messing up my life).. and so yesterday my phone rang and it was a strange number and i decided to pick up thinking it might be the lady from the interview. It turned out to be her instead and she was like, 'hi! long time no see.. what have you been up to?' and i was so shocked by how casual she was that i almost closed the phone in her face LOL but i answered her reluctantly, like nothing had every happened.. turned out she wanted a favour, she has a cat and wanted me to take her in or find her a home since she has to get rid of her and doesn't know anyone who wants one, i told her im sorry i don't know anyone.. and she was 'oh too bad.. ok.. never mind then.. keep in touch dear..' and she closed leaving me dumbstruck! I didn't know what to think LOL im so glad it turned out to be a very harmless situation, which is strange for her, but im definitely not keeping in touch.. ive been burnt once.. never again..

Bash: how about going to the beach this weekend? Lulu island?
Reemy-chan: we have to meet up.. i miss you and G! Its so weird not to see you everyday.. come to the beach too ;) i wish!
Fefe-chan: Stay positive and strong and nantoka narusa ;) You need the beach the most i think, come along ;) you won't regret it..


FeFe said...

dear..dont worry about your internship..as u said it will work out somehow..ps: its not your fault..the univ must consider that ne

as for tea..i tried to stopped drinking tea these days but i couldnt..i agree ' no tea, no life' hope you can get over it very soon and can drink it they way u did before lol..

i do read other blogs every now and then and its ususally has to do with NEWS not personal stuff or smth like that..

the phone incident is weird wallah..how can she talk as if nothing has happened..i would never be able to do so..anyhow am glad it turned out to be harmless incident..


Ima-chan said...

Hopefully, i will start working next week if all goes well.. dont want to even mention it, let it work out first and then i'll tell u about it..im excited!

I actually dont want to go back to drinking 7 cups of tea a day, but 2 or 3 would be nice.. ive been trying other types of tea with no success.. oh well..

Of course you'd read NEWS-related blogs ;) i dont really care that much about NEWS, mostly just read about yamapi :P dont get jealous

yeah the phone call was weird.. and when she was like, keep in touch.. i was even more shocked.. but anyways, hopefully she wont be calling again..

Love you too dear.TC

FeFe said...
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FeFe said...

LOL i wont get jealous..and you dont get jealous over gacktu:P

i hope you will start working very soon and inshallah its going to be a better place than ur old one..

i also hope she doesnt call again..TC:)