Saturday, 29 March 2008


I hate updating about old events, coz i just forget them or can't be bothered to talk about them even they were nice or fun or whatever.. i guess i better update everyday! or not..

On Thursday we went to my aunt's house, they had British people coming over -who are here on holiday- and so they invited us so we would 'entertain' them LOL the same thing happened in October with the same people, can't remember if i blogged about it. anyway, it was really fun.. so many fun things happened but i just can't be bothered to write about them now, 2 days later.. oh and so many funny incidents too..

Today we were supposed to go to Lulu island -which I've been waiting for since last Saturday- but when we got there it was closed coz of a boat race or something, my bro says its a Formula 1 race but im not sure.. i was so disappointed especially since i'd invited fefechan and it was the first time she goes.. in the end we went to this park just so my mum's friend's kids don't make a fuss.. it was sooo hot although fefe says it wasn't. we didnt really do much.. we played a board game, and Bash and fefechan's team kept on winning :/ im blaming it on my other team members lol since they were the youngest three.. anyways, it was fun but i wish we'd gone to the island, it is so much better there.. I hope we go next week.. but will fefechan come..? i hope so..

I watched Lindsay Lohan's "i know who killed me" last night with my sisters which was quite scary considering we were in the outside living room which is not connected to the house and one whole wall is glass windows and we could see the trees' shadows lol which kept making us jump.. and hearing weird noises that made us pause the movie a couple of times.. anyways, it was good..

I've got too many things to do.. got to go..

PS since we didn't go to the beach i didn't put sunblock on although we were in the sun and now im sunburnt again.. not as bad as before but god it stings!


FeFe said...

even though i didnt comment on ur last posts, i did read them..sorry i was too busy..keep posting its good to know what your doing..DONT forget or neglect putting on sublock when ur under the sun.

Take Care:)

Ima-chan said...

i know your busy.. no problem sweetie.. thanks for