Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Highlights of a boring day

First of all, thanks Cami for "my idea of heaven", its really nice.

Highlights from my day, cant be bothered to write in detail (although no one cares anyways XD)

6:15 my alarm woke me up with the most annoying noise ever!
6:30 still in my warm bed, all covered up and dreading having to put my feet on the cold tiles.
7:05 leaving to work
8:30 got the yummies smelling "English toffee" coffee drink thingy (we used to buy it, bash had it at our house, and ever since shes been having it every single day at work)
11:00 working hard since the morning
12:00 The Finance manager calls me into her office and tells me they will give me an exam which they give people seeking an accounting position at their company, she said its only to get feedback coz everyone says its hard so she wants to know what i think.. I was like **** im not at uni and i still have to take exams, i've already forgotten everything anyways..
1:40 Bash texts me to tell me she has a Japanese guy in her office, i text back, can i come over and say hi.. i probably would've gone LOL pretending to want Bash but i was swamped with work
We order food so i kept asking her everytime she called wether it was there yet.. i was starving!

4:00 my bro text to see if ive arrived home safely LOL i text back saying i only just finish and havnt even left work yet
4:05 while waiting for bash to get her stuff (she left with me today) as i left her office this guy was in my face so i was like bismillah and he was like w3aleekom essalam XD
4:10 i reverse out of the parking a bit fast, or maybe very fast, Bash's like i hope i get home safe.
4:35 stopped at the petrol station after Bash almost drove me crazy so she could get some ice cream ;)
4:45 i wanted to turn to the right at the bridge so a while before i put on my indicator and started moving in the lane on the right where there was a white car a bit far behind that had been driving slowly for a while, as soon as i tried to enter the lane he was in, he accelerated, and i panicked and tried to accelerate but he started going so fast, and i swear he missed us by inches, i was so mad coz he was going so slowly and suddenly when i decided i want to turn he drove so fast and almost drove into the back of my car..
5:45 Bash left or was it later? cant remember.

Tsukareta! totemo tsukareta! shigoto ga dai kirai desu yo!

Oyasumi (going to bed early)


FeFe said...

thanks for ur posts..i really enjoy reading them..there is so much going on in your life these days..even though its will make good memories ganbatte and work hard sweetie BUT not to the extent of killing yourself ;)PS: you have Bash there, so you must be having good time with her over there =)

this driving thing is driving me crazy lately..people are being careless!!! just be careful dear..

Looking forward to reading your next post..

LOVE U :-*

Reemy-chan said...

Be careful siso in ur way .. and don’t panic when u drive ..
Even if ur life with work seem boring but I think u will enjoy ur time and u will benefit from it .. me 2 I think the work is turn to be boring .. but still I think I will miss it .. and its better than uni .. :P

Ima-chan said...

fefechan, having bash here is fun but i only get to see her 30 mins in our lunch break and thats it.. so it doesnt feel like im with her, and with all the work they give me i dont actaully have much time to think about anything else.. hai ganbarimasu! as you said im making good memories even if it doesnt seem like it now..

reemy-chan: im so glad someone else found out that work is borig too LOL i think i'll miss it too but its just too long, if it was till 2 i'd be happy..