Monday, 17 March 2008

doramas and stuff

I started watching a new japanese drama called "ashita no kita yoshio" yesterday. Its a bit differnt than anything i've watched before but its supposed to be full of twists so we'll see how that goes. Its basically about this guy who decided hes going to commit suicide in 11 days, and then in those 11 days he experinces the most eventful days of his life.

I can't seem to find any subbed "Edison no haha" episodes, i want to watch the next episodes, its good. But the thing i want to watch the most is "bara no nai hanaya", i know ive talked about it before, but its just so amazing.. the latest subbed episode hasnt been uploaded except on d-addicts which means i cant get to it, and the guy uploading it on veoh didnt upload it yet.. im so impatient, i really want to watch it..

Apart from watching dramas ive been preocupied with my capstone project. I've been thinking about ideas and finally settled on one that i like the most and that i think i'll find enough resources for, i just hope my group and our capstone supervisor Kitty like it. God i can't believe i'll be graduatting in 3 months!

I remember one of my classmates last semester was taking kick-boxing classes, i don't know why im thinking about it now but I'd like to try it LOL is it as weird as it sounds?!.. i really think it would be fun.. so I've asked her about it, i hope she replies..

I don't know what happened yesterday, i slept for like 4 hours and then got up and started tossing in bed, and then all of a sudden i started thinking about really serious things.. and i couldn't go back to sleep until and hour later.. it was just weird.. coz the things i started thinking about, and not just thinking, making decisions and stuff, were all really serious stuff.. LOL..

"U R welcome"
Anything weird there? Not to you im sure but for the first time ever, my mum sent me a message with abbreviations. She always writes the whole word out which annoys me so much if its something urgent, so when she sent that today i did a double take, i was like WTH, mum? seriousely? LOL

Its been a year now since i started eating my noodles with chopsticks, first i did it coz it was fun, now i do it coz im used to it but the funny thing is that its become such a normal thing in our house that noone even notices, and i keep thinking that everyone eats their noodles like that, so i was surprised when i saw my sister eating noodles the other day with a fork.. it was like i woke up LOL i was like OK i've been living in my own little world a bit too long.. We have as many chopsticks as forks now.. which my older brother always teases me about..
Off to make another japanese music CD for the car.. ive been listening to the same songs for a week and a half now, twice a day, they're getting boring (except "another Christmas", fefechan ;) LOL i can never get bored of that!)

PS whats all the hype about JUNO, ive seen it a couple of weeks ago and its not really that good, i'd probably give it a 4/10..


FeFe said...

interesting post u said yesterday..its good to know whats going these days..its good to know anything except the drama u want me to tell u the truth;) i started watching nodome smth but only one episode..but i dont think i will continue..

the noodles looks oishii..short comment again..gomen ne

Ima-chan said...

lol ok no talking about dramas again.. if i can.. dont want to distract you from your work..

no problem sweetie.. even if you write one word i'd be happy ;)

kio tsukete ne

Bash said...

I remember trying to use the chopsticks (for noodles) at your house a while ago.. It was hard !
I gave up and used the fork after 10 minutes or maybe

Umm , I was so excited when my sister told me it's on teatres now but you suprised me with the low rating. I think I'm still going to see it because who knows , maybe I'll like it =P