Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Blood Donation and Japanese Delegation

Yesterday after work i though i'd go give blood, and i had come with bash so we went together.. i didnt have a clue about her being afraid of needles. When we got there and they hooked me up, bash would not look my way LOL.. anyways.. all went smoothly, as usual.. then when the doctor pulled the needle out and told me to rest and went out.. usually i never rest and just walk out.. but as soon as the doctor went i almost fainted.. the horrible thing is, i got this feeling you get before fainitng but didnt actaully faint and it lasted for about 10 mins or so.. it was the worst thing ever.. my head was spinning and i couldnt open my eyes or my mouth.. i told bash go and get me a drink and the next thing i know the doctor is putting cool towels on my face and asking me if i have a sis called XXX? i was so out of it, i dont know what i said.. poor bash, the doctor was like why didnt you call me coz she came in and called my name and i didnt asnwer (i dont remember this but bash told me) so then she got worried.. anyways, its the first time something like this happened to me after giving blood and i sure freaked bash out.. bad first experience for her LOL sorry about that bash!

The day before yesterday, a japanese delegation came to the place im doing my internship at. and bash's boss Paul was going to meet with them, plus some other people, and she told him that i can speak japanese and im interested in japan or something. I was sitting in the office minding my own business and she came in and was like, theres a meeting with some japanese people and they want you to go.. i was like WTH i cant speak japanese, only basic stuff, but she said Paul said it would be a good experience so i went.. it was soooo much fun, i loved it.. a funny thing i noticed after the meeting was that when one of the japanese guys was talking, and before the translator translated what he said,most of them had given us brochures so they would say turn to page 27 or something, and i would turn to that page before the translator translated, and everyone would wait for him to translate, after the meeting i realized that and i hope noone noticed LOL. after the meeting all these japanes ebusinessmen kept coming up to me and giving me their business cards (with two hands ofcourse) and i recieved them accordingly, and in the end they even gave me a present and i was like arigatou gozaimasu (nothing complicated here but impressed them LOL) and the 2 guys were like do you know japanese and i said a little and they said subarashii-fanatastic =) lol i impressed them with 'thank you' LOL i wish there was a chance to say something more meaningful to them.. anyways, it was really a good experience and really fun..

I'm at work but the 3 people in the same room with me havent come till now so i better go see my other supervisor, im sure she has work for me.. i'll update later..

Oh and fefechan's mum said yes! YAY!
TC eveyrone


bash said...

The blood donation thing was scary *_*.. You looked like a ghost ..

I'm glad you attended the meeting. I was sure you'd be interested.

PS: Tomorrow is my cousin's Wedding so I'm not sure if I can go with you guys to the beach

Coldness said...

Blood donation can be scary at times.
I envy you that you could talk with Japanese people! I wish I could be there with you, but I'm still not that good with Nihongo. I hope I can improve myself a lot before meeting a Japanese fellow!

Ima-chan said...

(;_;) noooo why does ur cousin have to get married! LOL i want you to come to the beach..
thanks for the comments