Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Beware of the.. writer

Although i started work yesterday, or rather my internship, Bash was at a conference in another city so we didn't see each other there. So today we decided that she would pick me up on her way to work, and she did. She told me to bring some CDs along,i brought some awesome techno CDs XD which im glad Bash liked, even if she didn't, i would've made her listen to them all the way to work anyways.. We got there a bit early so she showed me around, her office, and the garden outside and so on. Before it was even 8, her phone was ringing so i decided to go to my own workstation and let her get on with her work. At 8:15 or so one of the ladies there arrived and was surprised to see me there filing stuff (another woman told me to do it the day before so i was just completeing it). Then i went back to my workstation waiting for the woman in charge of me to arrived, when she did she went out for coffee or something and i sat there waiting. By 9 she came back and explained all about the petty cash account to me and gave me a list she wanted me to sort out. It was a list with like "coffee and tea" and i had to figure out what account to put it in, e.g. "office supplies". So i did it although some were really challenging.. then i sat waiting for her to come back since she kept disappearing all the time, when she did appear it was for a few seconds and she was talking to the other woman there and i couldn't get a word in edge ways.. (fefechan, a new one for you).. So, at about 1:45 she had still not seen what i'd done and she had already had her 1:15 min long lunch break so i went on mine. I went with bash and two of her friends to the cafeteria to eat, and we shared some laughs..

At about 3:30 after i had been sitting bored for a couple of hours, the one in charge of me decided she would see what i'd done. She changed some of the things i'd done.. now, i wouldn't have cared if what she did was actually right but she messed everything up. Let me show you what i mean, like the 'coffee and tea" which she told me goes into "office supplies". There were 5 bills for coffee and tea, she put 3 as belonging to the "office supplies" and changed two of them as belonging to "stationary"! I was like WTH, coffee and tea! Stationary! I wouldn't mind if all 5 were in stationary but only 2 and the rest somewhere else, whats the point of categorizing them and putting them into accounts?! Trying to be diplomatic and not tell her its wrong i was like, "oh i think you confused this with this.. you've put coffee and tea as stationary.." she was like "let me see.. no, its right" so i was like "OK". At 3:45, just 15 mins before work officially ends she decided she wanted the whole list in excel classified into different accounts with the accounts numbers and totals and what not. I almost cried right then, from frustration since ive been free all day and now she was giving me the same papers ive had all day and asking me to do something that needs a whole hour if not more. So i worked on it as quick as i can but by 4 i was only halfway through, but she had told me that she needs it by tomorrow morning, and then she heard me on the phone to Bash telling her that i cant leave coz i still have work and she was like, its ok you can leave. I was like, does she really need this tomorrow or not, i dont want to come in at 8 and they want it at 8:15 and have to work like crzay so i told her i would stay and work on it.She left at 4 anyways..

Earlier, i'd been nagging Bash about her staying after hours and told her if shes taking me home then she better finish at 4, but when she called at 4 i told her i still didnt finish and she burst out laughing, coz it was like role-reversal.. Anyways, we left at 4:30 and Bash's mum called to say she wanted something from the supermarket so we decided to go to the mall nearby, we both went crazy in the sweets isle and bought everything we could think of, i bought lots of stuff coz they had sweets that we used to buy in England that they dont sell here.. and i finally got some pocari sweat.. thank goodness for that.. then we decided to eat, again LOL so we went and ate.

Then on the way home the car started making a funny noise, (it happened in the morning once too), and Bash stopped at the nearest possible place which happened to be the Civil Defence! She stopped the car and opened the hood and was looking at the engine like she knows what its all about, i got out for moral support.. she was like, this doesnt look normal (not sure what exactly) and as were standing there minding our own business we see this guy wearing a Civil Defence uniform coming towards us, he was like are you ok and stuff and we explained about the noise, so he looked at the engine and said it looks fine, then he took the oil pipe thingy out to see it, and bash was like "whoa its burnt" he looked at her strangely and was like, "no this is very new" and i was elbowing Bash telling her to shut up ;P since she didnt know what she was talking about.. A few mins later we saw 3 other men coming our way, all in the same uniform, anyways they tried to figure out what was wrong but couldnt find anything so Bash told one of them, drive it around the parking area and see.. as he drove off, we all forgot about the noise which was the original complaint coz we were shocked to see the reverse lights on when he was driving forward! We were like WTH, what now! Anyways, they managed to turn that light off and said the car would be safe to drive even with the noise but she should get it checked out.. What an experience!

Then all the way home whenever a car came by with a loud noise i'd jump thinking its Bash's car.. I'm definitely going to work in my car tomorrow..

WOW such a long post, just one last thing to say, i've just received a present from my uncle, when i asked my dad what its for (he delivered it) he was like its for your graduation! LOL ive already had my graduation gift from my dad (going to Japan) and now my uncle and its only the beginning of the semester.. what if i dont graduate! LOL

anyways, take care everyone and gomen ne for the long post.


FeFe said...

wow..what a long post but an interesting one to read..you have been through a lot today ne some were good and some were not..all you have to do is keep your spirit high and dont be sad or anything becoz of this lady..am keep telling myself if anyth happened during my internship, i wouldnt let it affect it me..i would concentrate at the bright side of the experience..whatever you go through, you learn a lesson from it ne..so itsumo ganbatte kudasai ;)

i see you have graduated already lol from the gifts you recieved..dont worry, i know you wont dissappoint your family..

thanks for the word, saved it already in my list hehe..Take care

FeFe said...

i keep telling* ignore my mistakes plz except if they were misspelled japanese words lol jk..i dont mind you correcting me ..bai bai

Bash said...

looool ,,
The post made me laugh even though I knew everything..

You know I was shocked by what you said about your "classmate =P" but I guess I don't know anything cuz you guys are at the other side of the building ,, Hope it is going to be better tomorrow..

It was a really fun and nice day.. I still can't believe you're in a visit to my "small world". I'm so Happy XD..

PS: Ignore the sp.. I'm so sleepy
Who said I'm using the "unfunctioning car" tomorrow =P ,, I'm going to share my old car with MeMo..

Good Night ..

Ima-chan said...

thanks for commenting both of you.. i cant be bothered to write more LOL