Thursday, 6 March 2008

Vinegar & chips, and Gackt

I never thought i'd say this, or even live to hear anyone else say it, but our vinegar is not sour enough! I had chips (not crisps, i mean french fries) and i tried every vinegar we have (white vinegar, malt vinegar, salad vinegar) and i wasn't satisfied! I had to dip my chips in vinegar then salt to get the level of sourness i was seeking LOL

Anyways, I just couldn't resist posting this song, its rather old but i like it.. he looks like hes about to kill someone LOL hes just so emotional in his songs


FeFe said...

i told u the title is weird and this vinegar thing is also weird.I have never added vinvegar to french never crossed my mind even lol..on this, i agree, u are weird..

as u said gackt is always emotional in his songs..i realized that, too from the clips u showed me before or u posted..

runs to see ur next post lol TC

FeFe said...

oh i forgot to say..cant stop starring at his eyes;) he is definately wearing lenses, isnt he?

FeFe said...
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Ima-chan said...

the vinegar and chips thing is a British thing ;) really LOL im not making it up.. thats what everyone does..

and LOL yeah definitely lenses, i dont think there are any Japanese with blue eyes LOL even if they're mixed. He wears blue contacts ALL the time, never takes them off, except when he did one old japanese drama and he needed to.

FeFe said...

i never knew that about the vinegar atarashi jouho:) thanks